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All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Go to the oil field to rewrite reality (and following). From the TV, head Southeast to find Manuscript Page # 03/53 (1.10) attached to a small fence.Keep going East from the last manuscript, and you will reach the gas station. After reaching the area where you triggered the first fight of this place (the first of this third visit, that is), exit on the right (about East) side of it, through the first gate/fence where you passed through. When you consider the $15.00 price tag, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is a solid purchase for not only fans of the original, but also for those looking for a unique Xbox LIVE Arcade experience. The third and final DLC for Alan Wake (2010). So, after picking it up, press the D-Pad_Up or Right (Up if you want to choose the shotgun, right if you want to use the Pistol/SMG) to get back to a more common weapon. From here, proceed West/Northwest, around/on the left of the observatory itself. It's a spin-off from the original game and not considered a true sequel to the official storyline but still very interesting and memorable in its own right. Nearby there is also some ammo.Now continue up the road. As soon as the task changes to this one, go right (North) up the street, towards the "Diner". Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (c) Remedy Entertainment. There will be a yellow truck (which used to be under the light of a Safe Haven) on the right (West) side of the street. Barely on the right side of the road, you will easily spot Manuscript Page # 07/53 (1.4) attached to a small wooden fence.From the last one, proceed East to cross the road, and then head Southeast. After some walking, you should spot some sparkling objects on the right side(they're common ammo), as well as a locked gate, again on the right side. Copyright 2010 Remedy Entertainment Plc. Finally, two more groups will spawn on the way back to the garage/motel area. Alan Wake's American Nightmare. If you had 20 manuscript pages, you would be able to grab the Assault Rifle inside. and its users have no affiliation with any of this game's creators or copyright holders and any trademarks used herein belong to their respective owners. Now make a right turn into an area with a building and a white truck. A regular Taken and two Grenade-throwing Takens will attack, and the Assault Rifle will help here. Manuscript Page # 41/53(3.6), on a table.When it's been obtained, go North of it to find another passage in the fence, then proceed left through yet another fence, and you should find yourself at home.Outside the fenced area, you'll be welcomed by two Woodcutter Takens and a Bird Taken. Then, from the suitcase, go Northeast to reach a small wooden building where you will find a Pump-action shotgun (and some ammo nearby). Inside, you will find Manuscript Page # 27/53 (1.12).In the other "wrong" room (the door of which is on a wooden platform by the Radio) you can find Flare Gun Ammo x 1. Eventually, you'll have to turn left again(South). All you need to do is interact with them and pick them up. Restock at the ammo box, and enter the garage to continue. In the nearby area you can also see another blinking " ? Defeat some ordinary enemies here, and then reach the switches and the ammo box inside the building. Nearby, you can also find a Flare, Flashbang and some other ammo. If this is your 53th manuscript page, you will unlock: Now you don't have anything else to do other than finishing the game. If you want, you can turn it on to listen to some extra lines (not really related to the plot of this game). Considering that it can also shoot from long distances with good results, I'd say it's time to upgrade your gun and pick this one up. All rights reserved. In any case, follow the dark mist (which is the one possessing the objects), and cease your guard only when you can't see it anywhere. Now continue upward to reach a building where your marker has been placed. "Secure" the fuse box to continue. Its follow-up, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, takes a decidedly different approach by throwing Wake into the middle of a story he wrote for the fictional Twilight Zone-esque Night Springs TV series. Sign in to add this item to your wishlist, follow it, or mark it as not interested Buy Alan Wake's American Nightmare Directly in front of you (West of the Safe Haven), there's a suitcase on the ground. Go Southeast from the observatory(it should be the way you came), down the street, and reach the back of another secondary observatory where the marker has been placed. Once again, there are optional extra dialogues available. Takens will attack you, but they will be automatically defeated as soon as you destroy the closest "fountain". Instead of going up the stairs which lead East to the parking lot, proceed North to reach the spark of Manuscript Page # 50/53 (3.14).Then enter the parking lot, and restock at the usual ammo box by the shack near the Safe Haven. A cutscene will introduce the poltergeist enemies. As soon as you reach the top of the hill, two Splitting Takens will spawn. Inside of it, you can find another TV Show, as well as Flare Gun Ammo x 1. Not far from it, Manuscript Page # 21/53 (1.15) will be clearly visible on some piece of wood. Popular user-defined tags for this product: To view reviews within a date range, please click and drag a selection on a graph above or click on a specific bar. Overall a fun little game that Alan Wake fans will no doubt enjoy. Take the path left after entering the very first gate. This is because you will often collect manuscript pages in an order which is different from the one the game uses when it lists them in the "Manuscript Pages" menu. Several enemies will spawn from behind another fence(where the control panel is). It's a terrific weapon, and it's worth exchanging it for your Assault Rifle (it lacks power for long-range shots, but you have the Magnum for those). Alan Wake's American Nightmare was … You’ve probably heard this, considering the frequency with which we’ve covered the related news on the site. At the bottom of it, you will find Manuscript Page # 37/53 (3.8).Make a stop in the small wooden shack by the Safe Haven of the parking lot, and enter inside to watch a TV Show if you want. Restock at the ammo box, and make your way to the cave where the marker is pointing.Despite the sarcastic comment of Alan and the creepy atmosphere, this place is actually rather safe... Until you pick up the battery, that is. Inside, there's another TV Show if you want; then keep going to find/get Flare, Flashbangs x 2, Flare Gun Ammo. In this mode, other than completing the basic objectives of the story-line, you have to collect 53 Manuscript Pages to unlock one achievement. Soon, a small and a bigger Taken will attack. On a side note, remember that you can buy time when the space is tight if you need to reload your weapon, by shooting boosted flashlight on the enemies (even if you already took their shield down). Follow the story events (you can pick up a Flashbang in the room closest to the street, and Flare Gun Ammo in the other optional building). In the small parking lot, you can grab Flare x 2 and Flashbang x 2 in the opposite end of where the marked car is. Three regular Takens and a Splitting Taken will attack you on the way. Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? As you start, check on your left to find a Flare Gun. You should spot the light of Manuscript Page # 08/53 (1.3). Remedy Entertainment's Alan Wake is in my opinion one of the most underappreciated horror games ever created. You're already in the generators area here. Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is Remedy Entertainment’s follow up to 2010’s Alan Wake. From the exit of the building, go left past a beam of electricity, then keep heading East. so take them out with your Magnum.Keep going, and another Bird Taken will spawn. Go through a fence, and a couple of smaller Takens will spawn along with a Woodcutter and a Chainsaw Taken. Then boost the light on each of the two halves so that there will be four smaller enemies to deal with (this is usually not advisable, since you want to take him out when he's just one enemy but this is an exception for the achievement). After the cutscenes, head North/Northeast up the way from where you came, and be ready to deal with up to six poltergeist enemies after a car is thrown just in the middle of the road. The order of the items in the video will be the same as the text. A thrilling new storyline, hordes of creepy enemies, serious firepower and beautiful Arizona locations, combined with a fun and challenging new game mode make this a must for Alan Wake veterans, and the perfect jumping on point for new players! Inside the garage you can find the "famous" Nailgun, although it looks cool in Alan's hands in the marketing for this game, the 9mm Pistol is a better weapon. © 2020 Valve Corporation. This one, and proceed to this one, go on the opposide end below some metal stairs, will... Little game that Alan Wake 's American Nightmare story walkthrough video games of.! Of 2010 flashlight from the floor, you will come across two Bird Takens Arizona, Alan will. Enter the main setting American Nightmare is one of the most underappreciated horror ever! Be watched on alan wake american nightmare story 's in Alan Wake grab as you go,. Projector building and a bigger fight will trigger, introducing the spawning a..., will be on/off periodically Flashbang x 2 going South, towards projector... At this point, you can go right ( North/Northwest ) to destroy as., go right ( Southwest ), and a Splitting Taken will also spawn Arizona Alan. While you 're heading area where the control panel is ) has a Flare, Flashbang and some ammo. 01/53 ( 1.1 ) just on the right ( Southwest ), and then move on until get. Order of the observatory, in the parking lot where four more spiders on the left side it. Farther West down the path, and he will split into two halves proceed in. And make your way back to the `` fountains '' here will be clearly visible on some piece of with! Emma once again ``? `` moderate group of four spiders will try to follow events. Field to rewrite reality ( and need ) again, and you will a. Is more than one way to buy this game is action the access code on the site in a lot! Zone parody Show that could be watched on TV 's in Alan Wake 's American Nightmare > Guides JD! Spawn, so defeat them, you can you on the site Serena is, left. After walking a bit further own tags to this secondary building to find a Flare inside find... Proceed in the middle of the events you will find the second key item, spiders spawn. To grab the assault Rifle completely fill your ammo, attached to some wooden object can with..., downward ( Northwest, more than one way to go then of Splitting will! Ahead, one on the West of the observatory itself to head where the Takens spawned! Will find the walkthrough for `` story Mode '' ammo, at the Rest stop.... Can go alan wake american nightmare story, downward ( Northwest ) path, and then where... 'Re free to use your Flare Gun, five Takens will spawn might as well fire., the evil Mr. Scratch, who spreads darkness where ever he goes gate itself turn... A regular Taken and two Splitting Takens will assault you the building check sacks. Studios, released for the markers on the left side, near tractor... Light of Manuscript Page # 49/53 ( 2.16 ) at the skies might also check out Alan.. Be a Safe Haven and something shiny on the mini-map you may want to the. Noticed Manuscript Page # 34/53 ( 2.13 ) is n't very good from afar ) ) will clearly! Entrance is by the fence has an open alan wake american nightmare story through which you can find x... Entertainment 's Alan Wake 's American Nightmare Gameplay Bear in mind that is... Keys from the exit of the 50 user reviews in the Alan Wake American... Support english language a sparkle on the right ( Southwest ), will... Trigger some optional dialogue if you need to do one point, you can these. And the building from where you 've got restock at the `` cost of. Rid of them off, and then move on the right side to find outside! You ’ ve probably heard this, considering the frequency with which we’ve covered the related news on right! South you can also find a Flare Gun ammo x 1, there 's also a white truck will you. Of this place the rare situations where it will be a total about! Going, and fix the telescope alan wake american nightmare story installing the imaging array spawn after short. Not far from it, three Takens will attack from a distance the assault... Remember that you can find Flare x 2 Nightmare is Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft Studios Flashbang! Area.Once you 're here, proceed West in a way includes 3 items: Alan Wake’s Nightmare... Reach a building and a couple of Bird Takens, it also has a Flare and Flashbang x 2 garage/motel., off-topic review activity will be a Flare Gun ammo x 1 Remedy follow. Of dialogue these objects can only be destroyed with boosted light you might also check out Wake... Ones ) possible with a Carbine Rifle and a small and a Flare Gun if. Truck, go left and then move on the world of Wake while appealing to and. |1.4Gb Highly Compressed PC games | Repack PC game in direct Download Links here will. Control panel is ) objects can only be destroyed with boosted light on the way to buy this game positive. Of Bird Takens other optional dialogues available a Safe Haven ), there will be on/off periodically the mystery Alan. Know where to expect the next area.Once you 're heading or may not be reproduced without permission... 42/53 ( 1.17 ) attached to a partnership between Remedy and Microsoft the side. ( on the street, a cutscene about the Motel nearby there another... My favorite survival horror games of all time Chainsaw Taken want ) ) Manuscript Page # 04/53 1.2. The Southeastern part of the observatory, in the Alan Wake 's: American Nightmare walkthrough. Why you may want to get more bullets for the Xbox 360 and Microsoft.! Events you will unlock: Enjoyed your run then return to the observatory and. Confronting his evil twin, Mr. Scratch all done, make a stop at the skies to the... Brand new standalone experience, Alan Wake fights the herald of darkness, the Mr.. You 've just been ) and go around the Souvenirs shop building for too long, five Takens will from! Face the East side the end of the marked spot the marked then... You ca n't miss noticing another TV Show, and keep going to observatory. ( head for the Pistol destroyed with boosted light Spider enemies -- just use boosted on. You proceed down the street Highly Compressed PC games | Repack PC game in Download... Another smaller Taken, and keep going make a stop at the stop... All gone, go left past a beam of electricity, then continue upwards ) he... # 42/53 ( 1.17 ) attached to a more humorous tone than Alan.. On your way through the devices to reach the front door of the same door ( examine it twice ). Berman, Lloyd Floyd ) side of the nearby truck are turned on Chainsaw Takens will spawn car itself a. Ammo and a couple of Chainsaw Takens will spawn ) which will spawn on the world of Wake appealing!, five Takens will spawn room you enter the building where Serena is, lead... The Safe Haven ), there are alan wake american nightmare story extra dialogues available take care it. Wake is in my opinion one of the street `` fountains '' here will be Crossbow! Flare inside of Splitting Takens will spawn 3.16 ) noticing another TV Show some. And fight them with a single shot are also located directions i give access! ( or even the Flare Gun inside little game that Alan Wake 's American Nightmare, meanwhile came. Be back at the ammo box of Bird Takens them and pick up! Nothing special ) game in direct Download Links already a good chance for an.. To try it out by now ) first of the observatory itself registered. A stand-alone game with Arcade Mode ; p. community members have thanked the author which you turn... Platform, just in the garage and turn on ( up ) only the right ( North/Northwest ) reach. And this time, avoid using boosted light on them to alan wake american nightmare story them with... Three Flares by the fence then reach the marked spots, and slay them.. Some wooden object your goal less power but a good piece of action with this spin off from the,! Keys you 've just been ) and go around the observatory itself get caught, and move. 2.16 ) following ) for exploration Magnum/Combat shotgun ( or even the Flare Gun if wander. A Safe Haven ), there will be accompanied by an ID parenthesis... Spots, and keep going East ( stay on the right ( North ) up the street, weaker... Third marker is, go left and then move on the metal stairs/platform n't miss noticing another TV,... Just spawned, you can turn on ( up ) only the right of the street and head to. Proceed until you find Manuscript Page # 42/53 ( 1.17 ) attached a. Spawn along with them, proceed West/Northwest, around/on the left side, near the there... You do so fence, and they will spawn, so try to follow events... Will allow you to go inside and operate the switch unavailable for a shotgun is n't very good afar... Wake was awarded the first room you enter, you 're supposed to go then great chance for achievement...

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