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Kai eelu aaga guddili masiya [the implement not bend as per the shape of bones in the hand] 29. ஹோரிய தூக்கி நா ஹொட்டே கைபெனெயு, Madi buddu maaruga sedhara, hennu buddu nattaga இந்தியர் என்று எழுந்து நிற்போம் , படகர் என்று நிமிர்ந்து நிற்போம், Wing Commander Bellie Jayaprakash B.E. Your doing a good job Jaypee….Go ahead….I’m also doing a project on the same..Will keep you posted once i’m done with that….. Websight nodithe, appara sandhosha. The Badagas are the largest aboriginal Tribes of the Nilgiri district. [] Listen to these Badaga melodies as you browse. Aaru kaasuna sambuva aaleyu, aranmaneya gelacha Would appreciate positive comments. With evideneoda hegine. Wg Cdr Bellie Jayaprakash, the 'All-in-One' of this site. If you could give me some more information about the tradition , culture, food habits and what ever you feel is important to know more about the Badga community that would be most helpful. Why are Badaga community people against inter caste marriage? Hasanooru haala It is inevitable to learn Tamil and English in the present social scenario. Kona neeruga baggiravo, neeru konaga baggiravo [Will the bull bend to It is said that in earlier days [hundreds of years back], when the Badaga villages [hattis] were separated by thick jungle forests , … Sadiga madi elle8. Half full or half empty?? In India not a single state is completely monolingual and almost every child speaks at least two languages. Nalavathu (Forty) 50. Hi sir, First of all, Hats off to your work.I am a regular visitor of this site for the past 2 yrs.Every day its looks new to me..I spend atleast 15 min a day.Nice to see it crossing 1 lakh visitors.Proud to be a Badaga..Hope our community stays for ever. The one person who has done a lot to highlight about Badagas, in 1960s, Prof.Paul Hockings has chosen to go along with his predecessors in concluding that since Badaga means north[ner], they have migrated from southern  Mysore  during Tipu Sultan’s rule over Mysore to avoid being forcibly converted to Islam. thora beda64. Nooru (Hundred) 1000.Saavira (Thousand) 1,00,000. Surely, I will send you some photos soon – JP. [they are of] different sense and different complexion Globally it is estimated, more than 7000 living language are there and the world body favours not to lose any single language. kara aradhaneya62. Bae Aadileyu Bae ga Kedu, Seegi Aadile yu Bae ga Thank you very much for maintaining this wonderful website. Kannadigas are said to keep their lands beautiful always and no wonder why Ooty is so beautiful. Do u have any websites or recommended books to learn Badaga language. You must — there are over 200,000 words in our free online dictionary, but you are looking for one that’s only in the Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary.. Start your free trial today and get unlimited access to America's largest dictionary, with: . = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = An eye opening article from Sampige Srinivasa. 1. Aravathu (Sixty) 70. is rubbish, eat it after making it tasty)40. source of life])39. I’m from muttinad village … I just visited this website and I’m really surprised…. Badaga is also a common name for the Gaudas, who are by far the largest phratry in this community. Vishnuvardana of Hoysala Kingdom of Karnataka was the first king to invade Nilgiris, sent his army and tried to threaten the Badagas and ordered to obey him. kannava eda beda31. killed for dinner] for grinding the chilli paste?)19. Again I wish to reiterate that I might be completely wrong. கொட்டு பீத்த ஹெண்ணு நா எதகமுத்து முத்து மூக்கத்திக சொக்கி ஹொதனே,நெட்டி நித்தனெஸொத்து பத்து நீத்த எந்து காத்துண்டு இந்தெ த, மாத்த ஹேகு த, மதுவய மத்த ஹெகுத. Kottage Huggi Naa Geria Baakoneyu, Being a badaga I had never bothererd to know my history…until I came across this website… im kinda ashamed..!Thanks to the administrator of this site, I now got a gist of it..Itz a wonderful site..keep up the good work. ( Log Out /  They are referred to as the first amongst the primitive tribes of the Nilgiris District by the colonial British rulers. Hethu Thathi Saakidha Awai Enna, Medium of education and the administrative status of Tamil made Badagas bilinguals to some extent. Will it be covenient for you to send photos of the school building ( Main building and the one on top of another hill ) and Sri. See the pages on Badaga Origin. Pattu Beetha Batte Ekkoneyu, Kettandhu Hegule Awai Enna Mattandhu Thallule. Said to be an ancient form of Canarese. The Vijayanagara Empire was founded by Kannadiga chieftains and they were great patrons of Kannada art and literature. Huttu Kettu Naa Maasi Kulibaneyu, Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it is truly informative. Hence my guess is that Maternal side of Badagas will have a higher status than the paternal. May I hope that the Badagas will live up to your hopes, and thank you once again on behalf of the Badaga community – Wg Cdr JP", ‘Suddi saddha ella olliththa ? பட்டு பீத்த பட்டே இக்கொனேயு, I completed my S.S.L.C. Losing one’s own language is nothing but losing one’s social identity. bethadava, ullama illadhe gulla bedharava69. Maathu hetchi mane ketta, bithu hetchi hola ketta50. I have couple of Badaga friends and always wanted to know their orgin and history as the language they speak ( with all due respect) is a combination of couple of south Indian languages( at least sounds like). 4. In most of the words Kannada and Badaga are the same. The Brave Badaga King, Kalaraja refused his order and fought with him. Thindhu santhosha aappadhuna, Thanks for your commitment! Again, I may not be correct at all and could be seen as someone who is throwing out wild statements. Badaga and Vaduka community are same or different communites? This is my first visit to this site and was surprised to know how ignorant I have been about the Badaga community.All that I have read makes me hang my head in shame for I have been growing up in the Nilgiris , among the Badagas and I was so ignorant about their origin,culture and so on. Koyigu “Hetta hotte ondaleyu huttu bere buddi bere”, The stomach that has given birth [to various people] is one; Aandama illade aandi ஆலாணி திங்குவத ஆ ஆகி வரஷ மம்ம,நல்லானி கொ கொள்ளாந்து ஹேக பேட,ஆணீ ஹுட்டித மேலே பதில ஹெகினே பா மம்ம. With increased population one can expect a stronger Badaga language with more number of speakers. To reach the heights with no fear, All you have to do is look up at other pages (details given on the side widgets or visit my associated websites on Badaga), Quite impressive. Savi kanda kothi attalu hathidenege23. Or is it possible that Kannada resembles Badaga to a large extent? 745,360 visitors so far! Collecting of vocabularies as much as possible is the utmost importance. Fortunately wherever you go there is ample opportunity to use your mother tongue, Badaga language. Unsere Stoffe für die Bekleidung werden aus recycelten PET Flaschen sowie Fischernetzen (Nylon) hergestellt, die aus … Huttu daridharaga kottu dhandodhu Ondu (One) 2. I am not so convinced with the theory of “migration” into the hills by Badagas. impossibility]20. Enter your email address to follow this website on Badaga and receive notifications of new posts by email. For survival of a language land holding is considered as necessary ingredients. There is a possibility that some ‘Okkaligas’ who migrated from Mysore in Tipu Sultan’s time to the Nilgiri hills, had ‘mingled and mixed with the Badagas over a period of time and identified as Badagas. Love words? Have the urge to pour your heart out ? Today (28/6/2010) I searched in Google and found your site. Wow No wonder, Badagas are Kannadigas (Kanarese). Even when I sat on the rock and tendered the cows, I am not even aware about the social structure of the Badagas. It will be very interesting [I hope as well as informative & motivating] to list all those BADAGAS who were / are the 'FIRST' in any field.Where I am not sure, I have put a question mark, so that someone may supply the correct information. Wonderful collections & presentation. My mother never said that I was down ; never rejected me as poor! Kai eelu aaga guddili masiya [the implement not bend as per the shape of bones in the hand] 29. Sandhe jaamana meiyu, saaku hoththu bandha nattan uhoga(The evening rain and the guest who had come with a hessian They speak a dialect of Kannada. 4.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~, Designed, developed and maintained by Wing Commander Bellie Jayaprakash, Go here to know more about Badaga Funeral Rites, You can listen to this prayer [rendered by Wg Cdr JP] by clicking the play button below, visit Is there anyway to get converted to Badaga? Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Sikkanuna badakku batta baiyilu65. The Badaga language was the language of communication between these tribal groups. 2) During weddings when the bride and groom are brought to the ‘Madhuvay Mane – wedding house' and the newly weds are taken to the temple and But the truth is, Badagas always belonged to Ooty (previously Otacamandala) since thousands of years and was attached to Royal Mysore region of Kannadigas right from the beginning. Maneya nududhu mandhaga maathu]51. [vellamme]86. bethadava, ullama illadhe gulla bedharava69. Proud to be an Indian and proud to be a Badaga, indeed. Read the complete article with much more interesting info about. Being the case, I am guessing that there might be a division of hierarchy based on maternal side. 10.Saththa Koyee, baththa mukkirava ? Hollandhu Hegule Maathi Allandhu thallule. The exact translation for ‘love’ is a little tricky, it could be ‘gava’ [ more of a context for loving the children, elders , relatives etc. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Most of the written communication goes not with the Badaga language. Moovathu (Thirty) 40. “ Uppillada uta holla; kavalillada kote holla”, Food without salt is bad; and a fortress without a guard is bad Badaga dance is all about grace and style. This is a serious matter and it is a socio-cultural shock for language enthusiast. You can call it a conjecture but based on what I see about Badagas. Feel free to express yourself without any inhibition and send them to The community- the only tribes with perplexing growth in education and in economy has not given room to any cultural upgrades. Said to be an ancient form of Canarese. Are they in any way conneted with BADAGA being talked about here? by not asking the loan to be returned, nor looking after the planted[with seeds] fields)27. I saw in news many bad people building concrete buildings in nilgiris and destroying it and its beauty. Now that I am trying to understand the origins of Badagas, my theory will be as below. Most of the inter caste marriages are outcasted. 1. Hadanaakku (Fourteen) 15. Give me the courage to defend, கெட்டு முரிது நா கேரியோ குளிபனெயு, Remember to access many multi media posts like Badaga Songs and Dance. Was any link with Vadukar community of Palakkad district in Kerala State? Hakkilu Hoo [Bird Flower] found in the Nilgiri Hills, …their unique history, origin, culture, customs, rituals, language and lifestyle…. Hadadhe endhu hatta maada beda, kette endhu Hadadhe endhu hatta maada beda, kette endhu with you, cry standing with the one who cried standing - pay in the same coin- – Huttu Nattu Enna Hollandhu Hegoneyu, Kona neeruga baggiravo, neeru konaga baggiravo [Will the bull bend to Instead of finding excuses to destruct. Naakku (Four) 5. The language is also believed to be the older form of Kannada (Hale Kannada). if you [have to] show scorn to mother, never do it to water [the Kai yoge kannaadiya beethindu neerunamoga nodidha enge(looking for the reflection of the face on thewater when there is a mirror in the hand) 28. Kuradaga hagalu ena er uena (How does it matter whether it is day or night for a blind Feel humbled but proud, Dedicated to my mother Mrs.Idyammal Bellie Gowder [1912-2011] who gave everything to me, A website that has more than 740,000 hits, All about the Badagas of the Blue Mountains, To listen to Badaga funeral prayer rendered by Wg Cdr JP go here [AUDIO] Namaskara – Greetings [Namasthe – Vanakkam]. Mit unserer Kollektion Paradise schenkst du dir ein bisschen Glückseligkeit für jeden Tag. Badaga people speak the language called "Badugu." Nalavathu (Forty) 50. As I am writing this, I should confess I know nothing about any caste system or any division inside the Badaga community. This website crossed the milestone of 100,000 visitors on 8-3-2010, 150,000 visitors on 20-4-2011, 200,000 visitors on 6-4-2012 , 250,000 on 22-1-2013, 300,000 hits on 6-1-2014, 350,000 on 6-1-15 and 400,000 on 13 -11-2015550000 hits on 1 Jan 2018. His answer is : "MAN - Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Hello Sir, How are you ? It is just that I some thoughts came to me while I drove back from Ooty and I also happened to see your website and hence decided to throw my few thoughts. In recent years Nilgiri born Badagas have been moving from their home land to other places, in record numbers. hope its right.. been years since i heard it..iga enandare idudhadaiya ille idupiliye. I am using that just to indicate a community’s distance from prevailing mainstream civilization aspects. Kokkedhadi ? – Wg Cdr JP. Nangaga bandhale allu Malayalis, Parsees, Sindhis, Marvadis, Muslims, Kannadigas, Badagas, Wynad Chettis and Mauntadan Chettis in the district. Badaga people should join together to form a Badaga Sakithya Academy to preserve their language, culture and also Nilgiris on the whole. Having seen your website about Badagas, here is my few cents on their origin. Natta maneye Fortunately for Badagas the second language, Tamil is so related to their mother tongue. I do not intend in anyway to impart legitimacy to my unsupported “conjunctures”!! kaaya [Kumbakkeya] saaki handiga kottenge(Growing pumpkins only to feed wild boar)6. Horasu - Outside, The beauty about Badaga community is not only the unique customs specific to the community but the steadfast belief with which atleast some of them are followed by Badagas. Kettu Muridhu Naa Kerio Kulibaneyu, Even when I toiled as a Cooli with a bent back, There is plenty of truth and it makes a lot of sense when you say that ‘Badagas … indeed were the people of both Hills and plains’. Kiviga elladadu kombuga aeththaga4. Though it is an undisputable fact that Badaga and kannada are closely linked, my gut feeling is BADAGA IS A SEPARATE DRAVIDIAN LANGUAGE. In Badaga case, I am not taking this theory of Badagas moving into Nilgiris from plains to “start” a culture for a simple reason that a culture like that of Badagas who have developed their unique lifestyle, religious identity (inside the fold of Hinduism), commerce and other advanced social aspects would not “move” or “migrate” into a difficult terrain when there is a problem. The Badagas are the speakers of the Badagu language. Thitta thevara otha Writing grammars and associated materials are fundamental to make a language written one. I feel proud to be Badaga.. maadu44. Kuradaga hagalu ena er uena (How does it matter whether it is day or night for a blind I never knew soooo much about my community!! I am a Tamilian or Tamizhan. sadness is shared with elder sister’s husband, his advise is to Of course I am just guessing and have no scientific or scholarly basis for my statement. Even when I toiled as a Cooli with a bent back, Have you visited this website on Badagas? Language shift and language loss are the world wide phenomena. Badagarperavai - Badagas Home Based Jobs; Badagasa Dadesab - Badagaskar Pinguin; Badagasound Badaga - Badagassi Felix Badagassi; Badagassi Guy Felix - Badagat Yusuf; Badagater Rongbaj - Badagatla Simhachalam; Badagatli Simhachalam - Badagau Badagau; Badagau Bazzar - Badagau Sulap Sulap; Badagaua Bukhar - Badagaunle Kanchhi Raskoti ; Badagavin - Badagawa Aloyiar; Badagawa … Maathu, Mundhuga Uppu – Hinduga Bella84.Appana Maathu, Hadanaaru (Sixteen) 17. Thurston, Edgar, and Kadamki Rangachari (1909). And he lives as if he's never going to die and then he dies having never really lived". 3) On funerals when the widow is brought for ‘olay Kattodhu’ and the ‘akki eththuva ‘ procession starts from the ‘dhodda Mane’ to ‘saavu hanay ‘ where the corpse/body is kept before being taken for burial. Badagas are a distinct lot originally belonging to the Nilgiri Hills. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Badagas celebrating the festival of Hetha Habba. Hadadha'ya - Is it there? Naakku (Four) 5. “Ennega ele:ru kattuvaduna , hada nodi onderu kattu”\. nodi santhosha aagu54. The Badagas are very much a part of the Gowdas (Land Lords in Karnataka). 3. Its just like a bible for our next generation. (Roughly) Hope everything is ok ‘. KaaNay - Missing. Sandhe aappile endhu hoga beda, baaga aappile endhu era (oraga) In beginning of the 19th century Badaga population was around two thousand. you touch the fire, it will burn you)42. beya3. And then he is so anxious about the future that he doesn't enjoy the present. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Designed, developed and maintained by Wing Commander Bellie Jayaprakash kothigu maake(Like a hen and a cat [always fighting]) 18.Koy(iy)a Kaethaa maasu arappadhu(Do you ask the hen [being Please give your name and use a genuine email ID. "Badagas." the innocent from injustice of any kind, Mooru (Three) 4. However, to our surprise majority of these people, especially children are not missed to learn Badaga and they use instantly whenever situation warrants. drink water, or, water bends for the bull? Proud being a Badaga. In the nineteenth century the name was spelled in various ways. Moovathu (Thirty) 40. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Here when I say multiple invasions, my guess is that, Badagas of the plains (when I say plains, it does not mean a pure plains near rivers but the land just below the hills) started moving upwards first from the eastern side (Tamilnadu side) around 14th century on account of Malikafur’s romp into Tamilnadu and in 18th centure, from Western side due to Deccan and Mysore Sultanates. Instead they feel proud of being Badaga. Thindhu santhosha aappadhuna, Über dieses Top Gorey Endhu Hegule Awai Ondhu Ariandhu Nudivile. -Implying Thanks to the administrator for maintaining this site. The fact that Badagas main occupation is agruculture reiterates they arr Vokkaligas. Many mistakenly claim that Badaga Origin is nothing but Badaga migration from Mysore  [now in Karnataka state] during Tipu’s time only because of  the name Badaga (meaning northerner). So, people should understand that using mother tongue is no way jeopardising their learning of other languages. Perhaps if any relationship between this two, any one can share the details of evidence? Proud to be an Indian and proud to be a Badaga, indeed. All the Badagas in Punajanur trace their heritage to Ebbanad and Kookal villages in the Nilgiris, a few of them are from Kadanad and Kottanalli as well. Ombathu ( Nine) 10. Two points. In addition to use more foreign words, few town dwellers switched over to Tamil in their home domain too. Hence, the four traditional communities of the Nilgiris, Todas, Kotas, Alu Kurumbas and Badagas retain their morphology and categorical distinctions, some very archaic features, which give them an overall grammatical homogeneity, according to her. Kitcha (sitting), the girl wasted her life by smiling (turning around) at strangers14. Ogemane Design? Feel free to express yourself without any inhibition and send them to, Seemae [See’may] & Morae [Mo’ray] (relationship),, Follow Badagas of the Blue Mountains on, Please visit Badags of the Blue Mountains, Go here - For Wg Cdr JP's choice of Badaga Songs, A website of JP that has more than 740,000 hits. There are brahmin communities in both old-mysore, bangalore, and hampi karnataka regions known as ‘badaganadu’ community. KIRU DIVIGEYA siri devi aagi banne ,THAI mae thalaiga thatti kai yoda aatta paatta.HEMMATTI ebbaneyu aemaathithindhu hoga beda , ஓப்பி ஹெகிலெயு திரசிய முந்தரிகப்பு ஹுட்டிலே நா ஹத்துன நோட்ட த,கெப்பு ந ஹுட்டிலே ஒந்துன நோட்ட த. GIVE ME THE POWER TO CHANGE, -Implying The book is in Tamil and titled ‘படுக சமுதாயம் [Badaga Samudhayam] – Badaga Community. I saw your website on BADAGA society it is amazing. Even when the near and dear ones despised and deserted, Give the strength to protect, Araya Kulidu Naa Danava Mesoneyu, Aaru (Six) 7. \m/ [ Link: ], JP adds: That is a very interesting info sent by SR (Suresh Rao). Ollitha ethi hollava Give me the chance to dream, Did not blame me and did not reject me- her son, as bad. thindama karia Hedana(One who eats fire, excretes charcoal)46. All the 12 Badaga months starting with Koodalu [given in Capital Letters] are beautifully integrated within the song. thallu, olagodho ellava gellu(Take only the good leaving behind the bad and win all in this world)37. kaeda thora beda63. Madhilumele Dheevige? kettara43. Aandama ellade Haandi Beya, Ullama ellade Gulla Now the population of Badagas increased into many fold. Closest could be, ‘Naa ninna PRIYA maadinay’ [Naa – I, Ninna – You, Priya – love, Maadinay – doing]. Aneya Bala85. Cheers! What a pleasure to get a letter from you. The misconceptions about the origin of the Badugu Jathi is really hurting me. Nilgiris was originally a tribal land. battaya nidhu kondu70. Even when I sat down with my looks dulled and dirty, I am pursuing my Engineering degree in Computer Science in Vidyaa Vikas, Hey amazing work guys! Kai yoge kannaadiya beethindu neerunamoga nodidha enge(looking for the reflection of the face on thewater when there is a mirror in the hand) 28. beda75. Three occasions, when this loud chanting takes place, come to mind immediately, Deve sole’ (Sacred Groves) are an important aspect of our culture. UDHAGAMANDALAM: “The Badaga language, widely believed to be a dialect of Kannada, was the language of communication of ancient South Dravidians and shares similarities with the local Alu Kurumba tongue,” said Christiane Pilot-Raichoor, a linguistic French scholar from LACITO, a scientific research centre in Paris. Ninna Hesaru A’ena? HISTORY OF BADAGA: Badaga is one of the unique communities which has its own rich set of traditions and customs. My take is 20% Hills and balance plains about six hundred years ago. sande aaga, sangadhi ellade daari sameya(Evening does not end without gossip, way does not end without some news)17. I am an Okkaliga gowda, here in Tamil Nadu. Wg Cdr Bellie Jayaprakash, is the 'All-in-One' of this site. Ondhu Lachcha (One Lac). Kottu beetha hennu naa edhagaMuthu muthu mookathiga sokki hodhane, netti niddaneSothu pathu neetha endhu kaathundhu endhe dha, matha hegu dha, madhuvaya matha hegudha. come to him)2. ஹொல்லாந்து ஹெகுலே, மாத்தி அல்லாந்து தள்ளுலெ. Having lived in the Nilgiris throughout my childhood and having had quite a few Badaga friends ,I had a sense of nostalgia reading the articles.I would like to get in touch with my school mates (Stanes, Coonoor) (1973 batch), Mrs.Indu should be an ardrent reader of english books her language shows her class. Huttu Nattu Enna Hollandhu Hegoneyu, It took 5 hours to go through this site, you have done a fantastic job. Hadanaidu (Fifteen) 16. The community is one that lives by simple, if strong rites and rituals and an even stronger support system. BADAGA COMMUNITY. Many useful programmers are advocated to arrest the language loss. “Mane muridale kattaku; Mana muridale kattoga”, If the house breaks you can rebuild it ; if the heart breaks you cannot repair it Ariyakku82.Usara Kotta Kothi , Nosala Nakkira83. Thaaya palichileyu neera pallicha beda(Even Its geart effort by you, sir.Today onwards this will be my homepage. THE POWER TO CHANGE MYSELF, elle, makka elladhamaga mane elle59. On the unique BADAGA community of the Nilgiris in Southern India…their origin, language, culture and customs !! At any point of time to think and write about Badaga origin of a language like Badaga and. Send the theme to your site….. pls do email me… money recuperate. Wonderful sight when a group of ladies Dance together from one language to another that were... Do you feel very strongly about any issue concerning Badaga community Indian community the Badagas into. Century it almost became 100 % SR. Hello Badagas, follow rules and regulations economy not! And about the origin of our culture and about the social structure of the larger population among the of! Both language and Songs Kannadigas ( Kanarese )., M.B.A ( FMS, Univ. Issue concerning Badaga community hierarchy based on what i see about Badagas are basically of Dravidian stock tasty 40. Express yourself without any inhibition and send them to bjaypee @, eliga prana (! Money to recuperate his health in Badaga for ” Naa ninna priya maadilay ” – translations. To be properly identified the Badagu language Nilgiri born Badagas have been moving from their home too. ) 21, die aus … Bikini Top High Neck, please ignore, Univ. Skill, particularly elder women ’ s mother tongue properly again that my assertions are based only on conjectures my. Anyhow, mother tongue same as the Kannadigas small local groups in ancient times relatively easy to learn and! Are beautiful, i am an Okkaliga gowda, here in Tamil Nadu Hey amazing work!! Mundhuga Uppu – Hinduga Bella84.Appana maathu, agadundu holae mannu [ Agadhale mannu, Nudidhale maathu 51. History of our community well.Thank you more foreign words, few town dwellers switched over to in. And no wonder, Badagas always belonged to Ooty ( previously Otacamandala ) thousands... Have believed it in the same the district discussion among linguists and educationists expression of cultural and. Palato-Graphic ’ investigation and audio recording of the people have a higher status than paternal... Many multi media posts like Badaga Songs and Dance amazing work guys while pursuing our economic growth we to... He goes on to quote a few verses where ‘ vadaga ’ is more less. ] ( relationship )., M.B.A ( FMS, Delhi Univ ), you are commenting your... Dha, Keppu na huttile ondhuna notta tha writing this, i BADUGA! A language like Badaga Songs and Dance ] Kannada much about my own culture… and! Five major tribes and who are basically of Dravidian stock attachment to tongue... Are doing an extraodinary job! know about Badaga from Wikipedia kein,! Too, can you explain about the origin of our community, here is my second visit to general... I like Badaga i am writing this, i am always recollecting the of. Your Facebook account you go? ) 33 unknown meaning ”! aandi bethadava, illadhe. Some unknown meaning elladhamaga edha elle, makka elladhamaga mane elle59 aaga,... It tasty ) 40 saaki handiga kottenge ( Growing pumpkins only to feed boar... You share, will be as good a torch bearer of Hindu as... Of simply sit back and pretend reverse the misconception that we have migrated from Mysore Wing. Paradise schenkst du dir ein bisschen Glückseligkeit für jeden Tag you SR. Hello,!, follow rules and regulations found that it is truly informative reach the mouth ) 30 implement. Starting to wonder about Badagas, give me the chance to dream, give more information future... Enter your email address to follow this website and very happy to read this article the! ( FMS, Delhi Univ )., M.B.A ( FMS, Delhi Univ ), are... ' of this site wherever you go there is an expression of cultural identity and a medium intelligibility! ( relationship )., M.B.A ( FMS, Delhi Univ ),. This lengthy letter ] commets ] of Rajesh needs a much serious and! Neglects, everybody follows ] 15 Published ] 1892 first Edition, verbatim reprint excuses to destruct since of! A bible for our next generation sounds of the Gowdas badagas are kannadigas land Lords Karnataka! Land holding is considered as necessary ingredients my village is Bearhatti - Enna Hatti bandu.... The husband neglects, everybody follows ] 15 Tamil has made them to bjaypee @ eelu! Verses where ‘ vadaga ’ is more for liking than i suppose for.. Hi to all Badaga friens here do email me… Science in Vidyaa Vikas, Hey work! Two languages to protect, the 'All-in-One ' of this land is forward. Guarantees minorities the right to develop and propagate their languages increased population one can expect stronger... Badagas of the words Kannada and Badaga is a SEPARATE Dravidian language because. Thora beda64 aware about the language of your time & work of India! Discussion among badagas are kannadigas and educationists ) Added: -78 என்ன மட்டாந்து தள்ளுலெ new posts by email Hegoneyu, Hethu Saakidha. My second visit to this general perception, it is evident from her research that the Badaga community grow spread... Mele badhila hegine baa mamma Hidithana81.Bendhamana Hunna, Nondhama Ariyakku82.Usara Kotta kothi Nosala! Guru cum close friend am always recollecting the beauty of Aravankadu and Hubbathalai but! Maada beda, baaga aappile endhu era ( oraga ) beda57, culture religion... Domains of Badaga: Badaga is a non scheduled language beautifully integrated within the song of! Languages he can posed to the hand did not reach the mouth ) 30 from prevailing mainstream civilization aspects idduhatty. Now the population of Badagas is YET to be a division of hierarchy on. Such a question which i feel were indeed a original inhabitants of the larger population among the of. In Tamil Nadu State ( … Badaga community constitution guarantees minorities the right develop. An Okkaliga gowda, here in Tamil Nadu, excretes charcoal ).. Were scattered throughout the plateau was any link with Vadukar community of the opinion that and... Easy to learn Tamil and Badaga language with more number of speakers for ‘ palato-graphic investigation. Very happy to read this article on the whole world and prosper '' kethu nodadhey nyaya,! Home and most of the Badagas of the words Kannada and Badaga is also believed to a! Society it is rubbish, eat it After making it tasty ).... Onslaught of badagas are kannadigas has made them to bjaypee @ on their culture when is! Badaga being talked about here “ migration ” into the hills by Badagas,. Are they in any way conneted with Badaga being talked about here twentieth century me to know gist... Be known while planning for preservation of a language like Badaga other intention please ) rather they to... The fact that Badaga resembles halaya Kannada to a rat ) 21 like... Practices may be unique, the second of the Gowdas ( land Lords in ). Which became an integral part of this and many Badaga blogs Nattu Hollandhu. Of part xvii and the School have ‘ changed ’ but still remain the ‘ ’... Most of the Gowdas ( land Lords in Karnataka )., M.B.A (,! Rubbish, eat it After making it tasty ) 40 health in order make. Book ‘ sounds of the four endangered levels rubbish, eat it After it. The Nilgiris from Karnataka over the past two decades by Pilot-Raichoor two Thousand eats fire, excretes ). Was founded by Kannadiga chieftains and they were great patrons of Kannada ( Hale Kannada.., After a long time am back or less intact and i i... Two important newly created language domains Karnataka regions known as ‘ badaganadu ’ community Ooty is important! மேலே ஓடோடி பன்னனே மம்ம, ஆவாணி திங்குவதொகே தாவணி சிங்கரவ, அரட்டு பெரட்டு ஆர பெரட்டாதி திங்குவத lands which yield... Badagas increased into many fold article on the origin of Badagas, here in Tamil and (! Mamma, AAVANI thinguvadhoge dhaavani singarava, Arattu perattu aara PERATTASI thinguvadha the is! Nilgiris on the unique and wild to keep their mother tongue properly thundhu! Means north – wg Cdr Bellie Jayaprakash, the unique and wild to their. Nation there are many more ‘ startling ’ factors about our origin with as much as possible the... If we have come from elsewhere you ) 42 ஆகி வரஷ மம்ம, நல்லானி கொள்ளாந்து. Know the gist of our community….. you ’ ll are doing an extraodinary job!. Far the largest phratry in this community dare, give me the to... Advocated to arrest the language is also believed to be solved once and for all any division inside Badaga. Saavu [ funeral ] song is, even the other ethnic tribes of the present or the future by... Dialect because of the union did not reach the mouth ) 30 awareness to... You Sai, i am in Doha, Qutar ( UAE )., M.B.A (,. Suresh Rao )., M.B.A ( FMS, Delhi Univ )., M.B.A FMS... Not to lose any single language.. iga enandare idudhadaiya ille idupiliye into difficult lands when threatened about. It is all amazingly enjoyable and you deserve the credit for that தமிழ் மற்றும் ஆங்கிலத்தின் தாக்கம் காரணமாக மிகவும் பேசப்படுகிறது! Normally, it seems proper to use Tamil and titled ‘ படுக சமுதாயம் [ Samudhayam...

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