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3. Alpha, α – particles are deflected by electric and magnetic fields. Although beta-particle and the cathode rays both are the fast moving electrons, but they differ in their origin. 2. 5. Beta particles (β-particles) are actually just electrons, but they retain their name because their discovery predates the formal identification of electrons as such.When an atom emits a beta particle, it also emits another subatomic particle at the same time called an electron antineutrino. Properties of Gama, beta and alpha particles Bbosa Science - 08/17/2020 Types of radiations There are three types of radiations given by radioactive substances. The properties of beta particles - definition 1. Ionization power is less than alpha particles, Its penetration power is greater than alpha particles. This phenomenon is referred to as pair production. The β-particles emitted from a source have velocities over the range of 0.3 c to 0.99 c, where c is the velocity of light. #physics #BindingEnergy #PropertiesOfBetaParticles Physics Class-12 Thanks for watching this video. The velocity of alpha, α – particle ranges between 1.4 x 10 7 ms-1 to 2.1 x 10 7 ms-1, depending upon the source emitting it. Property 1: Beta particles (β – particles) are fast-moving electrons or positrons with high energy emitted by the radioactive decay of an atomic nucleus. Its velocity is slightly less than the velocity of light. Alpha, beta and gamma radiation can be identified using the variation in their penetration; alpha particles are stopped by a few cm of air or a thin sheet of paper; beta particles are stopped by a few mm of aluminium; gamma ray intensity is halved by 10cm of lead Identification using simple electric or … The medium penetrating power of beta particles provides a range of useful applications which include: thickness detectors for the quality control of thin materials i.e. The charge on beta particles is negative. The β-particles ionize the gas through which they pass, but their ionizing power is only 1/100 th that … The properties of beta particles - definition 1. Beta particles with an energy of 0.5 MeV have a range of about one metre in air; the distance is dependent on the particle energy. Beta Particle. 3. Beta particles are high-energy, high-speed electrons or positrons emitted by certain fission fragments or by certain primordial radioactive nuclei such as potassium-40. 4. It effects the photographic plate. 2. They can penetrate through a thin metal foil. Properties of β - rays . The beta particles are a form of ionizing radiation also known as beta rays. Beta particles are the fast moving electrons emitted from the nucleus of an atom. Because of large mass, the penetrating power of α – particle is very small, it being 1/100 times that due to beta, β – rays and 1/10,000 times that due to γ – rays . Properties of Beta Particles Beta particles are fast moving electrons. It […] They are deflected by electric and magnetic fields. 4. 1. β-particles carry one unit of negative charge and mass equal to that of electron.Therefore, they are nothing but electrons. The beta particle may be produced in pairs, one positive and the other negative in charge, by the conversion of gamma radiation energy into the mass of two beta particles in the vicinity of a nucleus. Property 2: Penetrating power of beta particles is higher than α-particles.

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