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That seems the right size for me; not too big, not too small. All fonts available on Google Fonts are released as open-source under either the SIL Open Font License version 1.1 or Apache License version 2.0. Script Fonts. Great article! And FiraCode replacing ===, !=, etc with glyphs? See bottom of page for a font comparison chart . It has been around since 2006 as an open source and freely available option. I'm here to give you a tour of not only the best open source fonts available, but how you can get started contributing, and what my vision is for where it's going. I find that the letters and numbers are really easy to see and distinguish. There are three weights of the original Alternate Gothic. There was a problem. Totally unappreciated from what I can tell, Gravitas One from Riccardo De Franceschi and Sorkin Type is an awesome and fun addition to the world of open source fonts. You can make an italic version, or add a character, and send us a request to merge it into the main version. Source Code Pro is notable in that it is extremely readable and has excellent differentiation between potentially confusing characters and punctuation. Fantasque Sans Mono. Click on a font name below for a download link, and to review a summary of the font’s diacritic positioning and character support. They may be fantastic fonts, and educational, but are in a way more like a textbook than hands-on training. Inconsolata is one of the most beautiful … The Garamond font has additionally been improved upon. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. The beauty of it is that there's a history of changes to all our fonts, they're dead-easy to update, and - the most exciting part - anyone can make a fork (read: copy) of one of our fonts and do whatever they want with it. He'd been working on this one for a while, in secret as far as I knew, but shared with the world six different styles and weights. © Meredith Mandel is actually a former classmate of mine, and she worked on this font when we were in college together. Two things that stand out about Inconsolata are its extremely clear differences between 0 and O and its well-defined punctuation. The Fell Types. So for each of these fonts, I'll be including a link to its Github page, so you can go check it out and start playing with it. A relative newcomer to the scene, Google launched Google Web Fonts roughly a year ago, and it was completely unexpected. DOWNLOAD. Made by Santiago Orozco, part of what's so wonderful about Josefin Sans and Slab is its quality (it's very well-drawn), but part of its appeal is its completeness. There are certain features that make a font optimal for programming. Differentiating potentially confusable characters, Paul D. Hunt via Adobe Typekit Blog. Inconsolata shows the problem of differentiating a lower case L from a number one. Visit our corporate site. You will receive a verification email shortly. CC BY-SA 4.0. The fact that Steve Matteson is the type director for Ascender certainly lends credibility, but also goes to show that open source is not just for amateurs. You can donate to support the project financially. If you're not familiar, Github is a site that acts as a central place to keep your work, using a version control system called Git. The goals of the Open Font License (OFL) are to stimulate worldwide development of collaborative font projects, to support the font creation efforts of academic and linguistic communities, and to provide a free and open framework in which fonts may be shared and improved in partnership with others. CMU Serif. I'm going to start using some of these fonts right now. 2 styles. Designed by Mike Abbink and Bold Monday, it comprises a Sans, a Serif and a … I love Source Code Pro and have been using it for some time. Droid Arabic Kufi. Originally started by Simon Pascal Klein, based on some work James Puckett did reviving the original drawings of Baskerville, the Open Baskerville font was an inspiration for the foundation of The League. The most common users of open source fonts are graphic and web designers, but anyone else who wants to add flair to a document or project may use them. It's fantastically drawn, a great example of stylistic alternates, and even has an awesome collection of small-caps and ligatures. My name is Andrew Lekashman I serve as the business head for Input Club, a product development lab that invents Open Source keyboard technology. Also, it often seems that Google's goal is more towards free fonts than towards open source and collaboration. Open Sans by Steve Matteson. With Git, I'd be able to see exactly what was changed, and offer it as an update, rather than a replacement, and be able to show his name as a contributor, since his work will have been recorded in the versioning. You are responsible for ensuring that you have the necessary permission to reuse any work on this site. Ascender Corporation. Hack (mentioned below) is a nice alternative. For more discussion on open source and the role of the CIO in the enterprise, join us at The Someone else took it upon themselves to make an italic version. Public Sans. 125 downloads Found in: Square. DOWNLOAD. First, you need to consider that not all fonts are created equally. Hack by Christopher Simpkins; Lato by Lukasz Dziedzic; Roboto by Christian Robertson; Source Sans Pro by Adobe Inc. VGA fonts: It adds a lot of unique personality by adding a bunch of clever and subtle character changes. Just from your examples, I would say that either DejaVu Sans and Source Code Pro are about equally readable. Thank you for sharing this article. The League's goal is not only to offer a great collection of hand-picked open source fonts, but to help those who are interested dip their feet into the warm waters of type design. Thanks for putting this together. Source Code Pro is also a font family and comes in seven different styles: Extralight, Light, Regular, Medium, Semibold, Bold, and Black, with italic variants of each. The project is enormous and is an extension of Google's stated mission to organize the world's information. You don't need permission to play, it's included in the licence. Orbitron, by Matt McInerney, is a great, full-featured, multi-weight font. Few open source families have as many weights and styles as this. First, a detailed definition of what makes a monospaced font is in order. In this article we will explore five excellent open source font options that are ideal for programming and writing code. I use Source Code Pro exclusively in my GNOME Terminal program. Get the highlights in your inbox every week. We're going to start pushing for people to adopt a workflow like this; we think it could become a standard that will help typographers immensely. Sign up below to get the latest from Creative Bloq, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! My final choice for our list is our most recent addition to The League's catalogue - Tyler Finck's Ostrich Sans. MORE DETAILS:: Most Popular Fonts 128 downloads Found in: Sans. Browse thousands of free fonts to download from a unique collection of the best and new typefaces. That said, you should always double-check and read the individual license before using any font in a project. There are also numerous projects aimed at providing only a certain script, such as the Arabeyes Arabic font. Micah Rich is a co-founder of The League of Moveable Type, a small design firm called A Good Company, and keeps busy as a design and programmer with various online services & products he's created. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Boxing Day sales: The best after Christmas sales 2020, Adobe Cyber Monday: The best Adobe Creative Cloud discounts, Controversial new Studio Ghibli trailer leaves fans unhappy, The best drawing tablet 2020: Our pick of the best graphics tablets, The best iPad stylus in 2020: Top iPad pens for drawing and note-taking, 19 top Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers for web designers and developers, Forget the iPhone 12 – Apple's iPhone 13 could feature stunning new camera tech, How blue is that blue? There's a big variety in weights and styles and Open Sans has nearly replaced my desire to use Hoefler & Frere-Jones' Whitney. Consider the letter "w" as it compares to the letter "i" for a moment. Inconsolata is one of the most beautiful monospaced fonts. Red Hat and the Red Hat logo are trademarks of Red Hat, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries. Caroline Hadilaksono and I collaborated to revive the original Alternate Gothic #1. That's one of the great things about the Open Font License, too - you're allowed to extend and build off OFL fonts that others have made. Metacharacters with special meaning in computer languages, Paul D. Hunt via Adobe Typekit Blog. Please refresh the page and try again. You're free to use it with your Adobe Fonts account just as you would any other font in the Adobe Fonts library. What is the best programming font? The fine gentleman who expanded the character set did a fantastic job, and delivered it to me as a final font file. However, I've found that a lot of them, while being exceptionally full-featured and complete, are less than interesting for everyday design work or for using as inspiration for the type-design beginner. A new platform for open-source fonts in a noise-free environment, to highlight their beauty, extend functionality and encourage further exploration. Any of these fonts is a fantastic choice, and each option has a powerful feature set that lets it stand out from the rest. Source Code Pro is a monospaced sans serif typeface created by Paul D. Hunt for Adobe Systems.It is the second open-source font family from Adobe, distributed under the SIL Open Font License. Browse over 13,000 free truetype fonts by category. Open source fonts are free fonts made available online that can be used or changed for any purpose, either commercial or non-commercial, without notifying the creators. I grew up programming computers at the "console" before GUIs, so the VGA "throwback" is really comfortable for me. Creative Bloq Staff Micah Rich, co-founder of The League of Moveable Type, rounds up the best open source fonts for web design and explains how you can contribute. One of the most professional open source fonts in Google's directory, Open Sans is often my response to those who doubt the quality of open source fonts. It's a surprisingly under-utilised resource, both for a type designer's example and for your day job as a designer. This is a great example of an open source font, because (though we're still working to integrate the changes), a man named Dannci took it and added a bunch of characters, completely on his own, to extend the font. Can I use fonts from Google Fonts in a WordPress theme that I am selling? 17 Open Source Fonts You’ll Actually Love Manrope. In other cases, open source fonts help support other aspects of a company's business. These are big problems with fonts because you often don't have the usual language context to help decide this characters. Contributions have been added by James, Simon, Rob Mientjes, and Eric Schrijver. Creative Bloq is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Do not waste time arranging via licensing. He looks at the precursors to the @font-face revolution, Google Web Fonts and fonts from the League. The last font on our list is Noto Mono, the monospaced version of the expansive Noto font family by Google. We're super-proud of League Gothic, and it's become really popular. All rights reserved. For more information, head over to, check out Google's fonts at, and if you're interested - start playing. Despite this, Google has hired a few great freelance type designers (including a few League Contributors) to work on new fonts for its system, which is exciting and a wonderful way to support those who care so much about typography and their craft. Whichever typeface you select, you will most likely spend hours each day immersed within it, so make sure it resonates with you on an aesthetic and philosophical level. In the world of physical books and newspapers, where efficient use of space is often critical, it makes sense to assign less width to the thin "i" than the wide "w.". Every font is free to download! Open source details. fonts otf afdko opentype-fonts variable-fonts ttf-fonts CSS OFL-1.1 138 1,715 21 (4 issues need help) 0 Updated Nov 3, 2020 adobe-variable-font-prototype We're hoping to offer tools, guides, and a collaborative eco-system so that those who are just starting out have a place to do so, and those who are experts have a place to advance. aspires to publish all content under a Creative Commons license but may not be able to do so in all cases. 120 downloads Found in: Sans. The complete family includes the monospace version available in different weights. The Ghostscript fonts were developed in the PostScript Type 1 format but have been converted into the TrueType format, usable by most current software, and are often used within the open-source community. It’s a... Gidole. Or you can make your own fork and use it as a base to build a completely different font. 4 styles. And there's still plenty more work we'd love to do with it. Looking for Open fonts? RightFont (Mac) RightFont is another lightweight, fast font manager that claims to the best font app. DOWNLOAD. It's based on a classic old typeface called Eurostile, and is a great inspiration for realising that "already been done" is a silly phrase. Note: If you want to install Hack by Christopher Simpkins only, there is a dedicated installer for it. There are fantastic benefits to the service - fast embedding, easy interface, no price tag - but it's sometimes difficult to find exactly what you're looking for. The Cyrillic Modern fonts are based on the Computer Modern fonts designed in METAFONT by D. E. Knuth and released in the Type 1 format by the American Mathematical Society under the SIL Open Font License (OFL). Often, the best way for a budding typographer to learn to build things is to mimic those who've come before. 8 styles. Thanks, I did not know it. The opinions expressed on this website are those of each author, not of the author's employer or of Red Hat. Bath Open source fonts refers to those fonts that are made available for free (or in one case, a “pay what you want” basis), usually for both private and commercial use. FontForge is an open source project designed to open the world of font creation to anyone who wants to try their hand at it. DejaVu comes packed with a whopping 3,310 glyphs under the Book Variant, compared to a standard font, which normally rests easy at around 100 glyphs. They manage everything using Git on Github, which, as you'll read later, is exactly my vision of the future. The open source fonts we are now discussing are, in most cases, more professional in quality than the novice, or “hobbyist” efforts discussed in the previous column. More importantly, Open Baskerville is a great model of collaborative font-making. I even modified my Gedit theme to look like an old-school DOS editor. How to ensure accurate colour – from concept to creation. Yes. Unicode typefaces which are open-source and designed to contain glyphs of all Unicode characters, or at least a broad selection of Unicode scripts. Our newest product, the WhiteFox is available for pre-order at, 6 open source tools for staying organized, Try for free: Red Hat Learning Subscription, FiraCode compared to Fira Mono, Nikita Prokopov via GitHub. Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography This is why most programmers prefer to use monospaced fonts with fixed-width letters, when given the option. Glacial Indifference. A single character for a standard font is akin to puzzle piece designed to carefully mesh with every other part of the overall typeface. I personally would love to see how multiple weights would look, and I'm positive an italic version would be slick. For open source, having a less-than-full feature set is an opportunity to jump in and do some good work. Recently awarded a Certificate of Typographic Excellence by the Type Directors Club, … and is actively supported and updated. Looking for Open Source fonts? Selecting a font that has distinguishable numbers and punctuation, is aesthetically pleasing, and has a copyright license that meets your needs is also important. I agree, but I like DejaVu Sans better than SourceCode Pro beacuse this one's too wide for my tastes, it makes lines seem impossibly long. At this point, Chunk is one of the classics. FontForge is a free and open source font editor brought to you by a community of fellow type lovers. Internet Archive Book Images. The Fell Types have been expertly crafted by Igino Marini, one of the first I'm aware … … Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, You're free to use it with your Adobe Fonts account just as you would any other font in the Adobe Fonts library. Modified by Choosing the right open source font is an important part of making sure that you have the best possible environment for productivity. DIN – the font we all love, the font that looks great at every size, and the font that costs quite a bit,... Inter. Manrope has sprung onto the font circuit in style, with a website better than most early startups. Le Murmure. While not specifically designed for programming, Noto Mono is available in 209 languages (including emoji!) Inconsolata: Elegant and created by a brilliant designer. Open Sans is available via an open source license. There are certain features that make a font optimal for programming. People have expanded this character set as well, which we're hoping to integrate into the main font soon. Gedit theme: What a great topic. All 2,200 font loved ones are available as web font styles also. I've used Source Code Pro, but then switched to Hack which I've used fairly exclusively since. One of the interesting things we've been doing with The League (which will soon be translated to the website) is that we're moving everything to Github. The goals of the Open Font License (OFL) are to stimulate worldwide development of collaborative font projects, to support the font creation efforts of academic and linguistic communities, and to provide a free and open framework in which fonts may be shared and improved in partnership with others. If you want to learn more about it, check out this excellent video about the font. Other big companies have commissioned open source projects as well to help spur the development of things such as variable fonts or other progressive … However, there are two families in particular - The Fell Types and Open Baskerville - that I do enjoy using, and put to work on a regular basis. Open Source Font Pack (OSFontPack) An installer for selected Open Source Fonts for Windows. This means that it's a great font for the designer that needs flexibility and variety, but also that it's a great learning resource to understand how to build all different kinds of fonts. It has one weight - ultra bold - but I've seen this slab serif used in an amazing variety of ways since it's become popular. Download fonts licensed under the SIL Open Font License. A few projects exist to provide free and open-source Unicode typefaces, i.e. Yes! Internet font styles have actually just been actually contributed to the membership. Inspired by the copyrighted and closed Vera font family used in GNOME, DejaVu Sans Mono is an extremely popular programming font that comes bundled with nearly every modern Linux distribution. (netmag) 11 July 2011. I like r_ansi I think it is truetype, I use it on windows for Putty and notepad.

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