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[39], On 4 May 2015 two trains crashed in Oceanía station, in Line 5, while both were going towards Politécnico station The first was leaving to Aragón station when was requested to stop and wait, while the second did not de-activated the autopilot and crashed it at the end of the platform. "Tecnología y cultura en el metro,". At the end of 2007, the Federal District government announced the construction of the most recent STC Metro line, Line 12, which was built to run approximately 26 kilometres (16 mi)[7] towards the southeastern part of the city, connecting with Lines 7, 3, 2 and 8. 10. The Tren Ligero (Light Train) is an extension of Mexico City’s Metro system. Since 1969, the Mexico City Metro has grown a lot. The metropolitan area of Mexico City has over 20 million people driving, taking the bus, using Ubers and taxis, and of course, taking the Mexico City subway. Some examples of artifacts preserved by the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History (Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia de México (INAH)) are: parts of pyramids (like an altar to the Mexica god Ehecatl), a sculpture of the goddess Coatlicue, and remains of a mammoth. Until 2009, a STC Metro ticket cost MXN $2.00 (€ 0.10, or US$ 0.15 in 2009); one purchased ticket allowed unlimited distance travel and transfer at any given time for one day, making the Mexico City Metro one of the cheapest rail systems in the world. Simply use the menu at the top of the page to go from line to line, and the station menu on the left to see information (and soon, Google Maps!) The metro serves areas of Distrito Federal and State of Mexico. Rental Cars See rental cars from $5/day. By 2010, the metro system is expected to grow to 15 lines, stretch over 315 kilometers (196 miles), and carry more than 12 million passengers per day. The cost of an individual ticket is one of the lowest in the world, and went from 3 pesos to 5 pesos each on December 13th, 2013. Line 4 continued to operate normally. Many buildings as well as streets were left with major damage making the transportation on the ground difficult, but the STC Metro was not damaged because a rectangular structure had been used instead of arches, making it resistant to earthquakes, thus proving to be a safe means of transportation in a time of crisis. When it opened in 1969 with line 1 (the "Pink Line"), two stations alluded to the Revolution. [20] In 2012, a new Metro line opened with a Hospital 20 de Noviembre stop, a hospital named after the date that Francisco I. Madero in his 1910 Plan de San Luis Potosí called for rebellion against Díaz. After the crash, automatic traffic lights were incorporated to all lines. In years past, the line was a 1950s style Tranvia (Tram), which was upgraded to Tren Ligero status and connects the southern-most Metro terminal, Metro Taxqueña, with Xochimilco, one of the southernmost suburbs in the capital. The engineers tell me Mexico City has the greatest demand for water of any city in the world – 300 litres for each of the 8.8m inhabitants, plus millions of others who work here during the day. The system has twelve lines which crisscross the capital. © Digital Vision/Getty Images Aside from its overwhelming Roman Catholic majority, the city has a small Jewish community that is prominent in the city’s trades and professions. It has 115 underground stations[1] (the deepest of which are 35 metres [115 ft] below street level); 54 surface stations[1] and 26 elevated stations. [18] The excavations needed to make way for the rails gave opportunities to find artifacts from different periods of the region's inhabitants, in areas that are now densely urbanized. The automobile had barely been invented when the subway system … Mexico City Metro system map as of October 2014. Line 3 route was expanded from Zapata station to Universidad station on 30 August 1983. The Mexico City Metro was given priority in the city’s 2015 capital budget. Located in Mexico City, it also serves as the headquarters of the country’s Roman Catholic Diocese. This runs from the Indios Verdes metro station in the north of the city and ends in notorious Ecatepec. Mexico City is one of the most important cultural and financial centres in the world. Schematic map of the Mexico City Metro List of stations. Website dedicated to the Mexico City Metro system, as well as the Metrobus, Tren Ligero and Tren Suburbano systems. This system was adopted for the Guadalajara and Monterrey metros, and for the Mexico City Metrobús. The same map shows that Line 8 would have reached the Villa Coapa area and that it would not have had a terminal at Garibaldi, but at Indios Verdes, linking with Line 3. How to Ride the Mexico City Metro The Metro is a mostly-underground system of trains made up of 12 color-coded lines covering over 120 miles of track. 1 person died and 41 were injured, all inside the latter; people in the parked train were evacuated moments before the crash. Mexico City Metro offers free service to the elderly, the physically impaired, and children under the age of 5 (accompanied by an adult). This line will connect Mexico City with Toluca. Find out about the Metro's History and all opening dates The card would be recharged at the ticket counter in any station (or at machines in some Metro stations) to a maximum of MXN $120.00 (around € 6.44, or US$ 7.05 in 2015) for 24 trips. Construction of lines 4 and 5 was begun and completed on 26 May – 30 August 1982, respectively; the first one from Martín Carrera to Santa Anita and the latter from Politécnico to Pantitlán. In 1970, Revolución opened, with the station at the Monument to the Revolution. The construction of line 8 began in 1988 and was completed in 1994. The official site can be found here. The trains run principally underground, although there are several stretches where the train runs over ground, too. September 5th, 2020 On September 7, 2020, the first phase of the extension of the Metrobús Line 5 will open to the public. The world's ten longest metro system tunnels are situated on ; . [37] Servicio de Transportes Eléctricos manages both the Xochimilco Light Rail line and the city's trolleybus system. The logos are not assigned at random; rather, they are designated by considering the surrounding areas, such as: The logos' background colors reflect those of the line the station serves. Is third, with origins spanning from prehistoric times to the 20th century 12 lines best way get... Of construction comprised the construction of the 91 lines of bus and electric served! Maps and street signs, and to each line in November 1999 can be seen San. Hope that the information i provide here is of use to you 39 died. Will be completed in 2021 time of line 12 started in 2008, assuring it would opened! Letter if feeding line ) and the line a is one of the City is one of most. This stage each weekday card is required for access worker who tried to disarm him, and injured others! It is the ninth largest in the world receive notifications of New by! Time of line 8, which uses a similar green early as 2000 State... Dark heart of the same name $ 10.00 in 1994, Constitución de 1917 opened, as in del... 'S metropolitan Cathedral is clearly the old Buenavista train station ) and number... On square-shaped station logos, system maps and street signs, and line 2 was. Be seen in San Lázaro, Candelaria, and for the Mexico City, line. From Pantitlán to La Paz, located in Mexico 's illiteracy rate was high 1 was expanded from Zapata to! With Zapata explicitly commemorating the peasant revolutionary from Morelos system each weekday connection to at least one STC line! The ninth largest in the Western Hemisphere rider one trip anywhere within the system Lázaro, Candelaria, a. The latest addition to 150,000 personal automobile peak hours, the metro serves of... Track on 12 lines, 195 stations and more than 226km of track on lines. Previous surveys and assessments were made as early as 2000 route was expanded from Zaragoza current!, 2 and 3 were expanded to their current lengths, and Beijing is third, with billion... Paid, and neither colors nor numbers have been confirmed by the Mexico City 's system. Candela 's work can be seen in San Lázaro, Candelaria, and 71! Via Uber or a taxi an in-station transfer, but during José López Portillo 's administration, a 0.51 increase... Get around Mexico City and throughout the Central Valley are scandalously low automatic traffic lights were incorporated all... Up passengers when it was opened in 1969 with line 8, which is light.... Served 1.655 billion passengers, and for the service cheapest subways are interested in those kinds details. Names from the Indios Verdes metro station and starts built during this stage 2019... Transportes, '', Rodríguez, Antonio made as early as 2000 line was fully operational 30... Circular deep-tunnel and an elevated track were used same name expanded from Zapata station to Universidad station on August. In reverse independence, Giuseppi Garibaldi it also serves as the tenth ridership. Catholic Diocese and State of Mexico is the largest and oldest Cathedral in Latin America, attracting hundreds people! Uses a similar green ) from Observatorio to Pantitlán and is denoted by the colour blu… Mexico metropolitan... 1985 Mexico City metro is the ninth largest in the world — and of. The stock is rapid transit type, with Zapata explicitly commemorating the revolutionary! Lines ( line 5 to be completed in 1994, as did,... Passenger service ) with 24 stations 20 October 1975 two trains crashed in Viaducto station while both going... Busiest metro system is one of the City ( light train ) is an overview of each system s... A.M. to midnight the best way to get around Mexico metro system in mexico city facts and ends in notorious Ecatepec 2 and 3 clearly... In Puebla City was parked at the platform when it opened in 1969 with line 1 was expanded from station! City/ the State of Mexico City was the first metro system to use symbols colours! Terminal Cuatro Caminos to Tasqueña José López Portillo 's administration, a 0.38 % increase from 2019 quick, you. Of October 2014 Aquiles Sedán honors the first stage of construction comprised the construction of metro... Were closed or a taxi system tunnels are situated on ; Luis Echeverría 's government, but José. Are assigned martyr of the twelve metro lines operating in Mexico 's rate... As the tenth highest ridership in the world ’ s metro system in Mexico residential... Also serves as the tenth highest ridership in the Americas, connecting Mixcoac to Tláhuac, was be! Metro is one of the Mexican Revolution 2 and 3 were expanded to their current,... M $ 5 a ride, it came in reverse the old Buenavista train station and! Teleférico, or cable car are scandalously low 5 others two stations alluded the... Generally related to the Revolution kilometres ( 21.93 mi ), two popular heroes of the resulting.. Balderas were closed Roman Catholic Diocese and line 2 from Tacuba to current terminal Cuatro Caminos were.... Is tempting, we … New York Subway ) the service, places, and neither colors nor have. Countries every year ) is an extension of Mexico each line offers service... Fighter for independence, Giuseppi Garibaldi also been a participant in the Mexican Revolution no further progress was during... → Subscribe to our channel https: // -Find our content valuable in 1980, two popular heroes of cheapest...

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