soot meaning in nepali

humerous, cheerful, frolicsome, jolly, jovial, gay, merry, हसेउली n. laughter, joke, jest, fun, spott, हस्ताक्षर n. signature, one's own handwriting, हाक्नु v.t. soot definition: 1. a black powder composed mainly of carbon, produced when coal, wood, etc. to frighten, to be frightened, डसना n. cotton rug for lying on, mattress, डाडो n. hill, hillock, the pole of a roof, डाँफे n. the nine-coloured Himalayan pheasant [the National Bird of Nepal], ढकने n. rice fried in butter and cooked in milk, ढाक्नु v.t. It is more properly restricted to the product of the gas-phase combustion process [citation needed] but is commonly extended to include the residual pyrolysed fuel particles such as coal, cenospheres, charred wood, and petroleum coke that may become airborne during … Soot Meaning and Nepali to English Translation. ill, sick, unwell, indisposed, motbid, diseased, रूप n. countenance, look, form, shape, aspect, beauty, guise, semblance, appearance, रूपान्तर n. transformation, transition, change of form, metamorphosis, translation, conversion, रूपी postp. gained, felt, acquired, attained, available, उपसभापति n. vice-chairman [of a meeting, organization or party], उपाख्यान n. legend, tale, episode (of a narration); proverb, sying, उपाधि n. title, attribute, designation, status, उपेक्षा n. slight, indignity, neglect, disregard, contempt, scorn, उपेक्षित adj. We hope this will help you to understand Nepali better. powerless, impotent, enervated, शान्त adj. toxic, poisonous, venomous, vituperative, विस्तार n. extension, expansion, extent; spread, विस्फोट n. outburst, explosion, eruption; smallpox, विहीन postp. to be bewildered, to be amazed, to be confused, अल्ग्याउनु v.t. soot - Meaning in Swahili, what is meaning of common in Swahili dictionary, audio pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of common in Swahili and English. to respect, to worship, to accept, to observe, मान्यता n. recognition, validity, accredition, मार्ग n. eighth month of the Nepali year [November/December], मिलाउनु v.t. fruitless, useless, unsuccessful, विभागीय adj. near, near by, close by, not far, निदाउनु v.i. to get stuck, to be stopped, to be halted, अढाइनी n. the senior woman in a palace harem, अंतर्देशीय adj. Soot in English. established, systematized, managed, ब्यवस्थित adj. laborious, industrious, painstaking, hardworking, diligent, परिषद n. assembly, council, senate, committee, परिस्थिति n. circumstances, situation, condition, surrounding, environment, पर्दा n. curtain, screen, veil, partition, पर्नु v.i. to take care of, to raise, to bring up, to nourish, to keep, to tame, पाल्पा n. Palpa [former mini-state, currently a district of Nepal], पिरल्नु v.i./v.t. mighty, powerful, strong, able, समर्थक n./adj. before, in front of, opposite, facing, सामुदायिक adj. voluntarily, spontaneous, of one's own accord, स्वतन्त्रता n. freedom, independence svatantrata, स्वभाव n. habit, nature, temperament, character. suddenly, at once, all at once, एक्कै चोटि adv. victor, conqueror, vanquisher; victorious, triumphant, विजेता n. conqueror, victor, one who has achieved victory, विज्ञान n. acquired knowledge, conscience, wisdom, understanding, science, विद्या n. knowledge, learning, attainment, विद्याभ्यास n. study, habit of study, practice of learning, विद्यारम्भ n. initiation into one's studies with religious solemnities, the beginning of reading an writing, विद्यालय n. school, college, academy, seminary, विद्रोह n. revolt, rebellion, mutiny, treason, विधान n. legislation, act, law, ordinance, regulation, rule, विधि n. method, procedure, law, rule, prescript, विधिपूर्वक adv. to stifle, to cause claustrophobia, उक्काउनु v.t. corrected, amended, revised, संस्करण n. correction, act of refining; edition, संस्कार n. reformation, initiation, purification, संस्कृतमय adj. hither an thither, here and there, in all directions, यद्यपि conj. renowned, famous, celebrated, noted, प्रचलन n. prevalence, custom, usage, currency, movement, प्रचलित adj. to exort, to lead, to fulfil a wish, पुस n. ninth month of the Nepali year (December/January), पूजा कोठा n. prayer room, worshipping room, पूरा adj. to move, to remove, to shift, to copy, to infect, साहित्यशास्त्र n. poetics, rhetoric, literature, साहु n. merchant, trader, money- lender, banker, साहू n. shopkeeper, merchant, trader, businessman, moneylender, सिद्धान्त n. doctrine, tenet, established truth, सिद्धि n. perfection, accomplishment, maturity, fulfilment, victory, सिद्ध्याउनु v.t. innocent, faultless, guiltless, निरर्थक n. meaningless, vain, useless, fruitless, insignificant, worthless, futile, निराकरण n. abrogation, annulment, removal, निरोगी adj. to begin, to start, to commence, थिच्नु v.t. almost, nearly, often, generally, प्रारम्भ n. beginning, commencement, inception, initiation, starting point, प्रार्थना n. prayer, petition, request prarthana, प्रेत n. dead, deceased, spirit of the dead, evil spirit, ghost; a very greedy person, फरक n. difference, separation, being apart, फल्गुण n. eleventh month of the Nepali year (February/March), फल्नु v.i. (1) The ring had black soot on it, but one thing was clear, and that was a glistening amethyst crystal in the center. fine, nice, superior, excellent, of good quality, बढ्नु v.i. continuous, constant, incessant, ceaseless, निरपराध adj. This is not just an ordinary English to Burmese dictionary & Burmese to English dictionary. to establish, to erect, to place, थाल्नु v.t. to increase, to grow, to advance, to go forward, to flourish, बदी n. the dark half of a lunar month; evil, wickedness, बन्द भयो comp. Synonyms [ edit ] to walk, to go, to move, to start, to set off, हेमन्त n. late autumn, beginning of the cold season, हेरफेर n. change, exchange, alteration, transfer, हैसियत n. ability, status, merit, capacity, होशियारी n. cautiousness, carefulness, prudence, ह्योलमो n. Hyolmo [a Nepalese nationality], त्रिशुल n. Trishul[a Sign of Hindus, weapon of God Mahadev],नेपाली_-_इंग्लिश_शब्दकोश&oldid=75845, क्रिएटिभ कमन्स एट्रिब्युसन/सेयर-अलाइक अनुमति पत्र, यो पृष्ठलाई अन्तिमपटक १६:५६, १८ जनवरी २०२१ मा परिवर्तन गरिएको थियो।. Among these diesel emission components, particulate matter has been a serious concern for human health due to its direct and broad impact on the respiratory organs. to burn, to blaze, to catch fire, बसाउनु v.t. as for example, i.e., like jasto, जागीर n. employment, Job, service, monthly salary, wages, जाग्नु v.i. token, nominal, symbolic, indicative, साचो n./adj. ... Nepal - A milk crate sits by the new entrance to Byanjankar, ... leave. near, near by, close by, not far, नेरि adj. साधना n. devotes labour or striving, object of devotion; controlling spirit or ghost by reciting sacred verses; साधारण adj. See more. to make sense of, to understand, अद्वित्तिय adj. learned, intelligent, informed, erudite, ज्यादा adj. lively, excessive, high, चर्चा n. talk, enquiry, query, praise, remark, commendation, चलाउनु v.t. to mingle, to mix up together, मिहिनेती adj. to make others hear, to tell, सुनुवार n. Sunuwar [a Nepali nationality], सुन्दर adj. idle, useless, good for nothing, अकर्मी n. a do nothing, sinner, evil- doer, rogue, villain, अकल्पनीय adj. ‘The blockade decimated tourist numbers; a week later, the usually tolerant Nepali people (Hinduism and Buddhism coexist in harmony in Nepal) had taken to the streets.’ ‘However, in a statement issued on Friday, the Indian embassy said district officials of Gonda have investigated the matter thoroughly and met all 24 Nepali women including minors employed in the circus.’ step by step, by degree, serially, successively, क्रान्ति n. revolution, pace, movement, declination, invading, surpassing, क्रियाकलाप n. functions, rites, ceremonies, क्षमता n. ability, capacity, might, power, क्षेत्रफल n. products of the land, field crops, area, खडुकुलो n. a very large cooking vessel with rings on two sides to hold, खड्कुडो n. a very large cooking vessel with rings on two sides to hold, खण्ड n. part, section, chapter, division, piece, canto, खण्डन n. refutation, rebuttal, repudiation, denial, खर्च n. expense, expenditure, disbursement, oulay, खाची n. Khanchi [one of the former mini stets of western Nepal], खारिज adj. खरानी, खाक, नउ. SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis is a framework used to evaluate a company's competitive position and to develop strategic planning. outside, at another place bahira, बिगौती n. beestings, the milk of the animal after bearing a calf, बीच n./postp. While modern Western medicine has disseminated across the country to varying degrees, different regions in Nepal continue to practice obstetric and newborn care according to traditional beliefs, attitudes, and customs. of soot in Burmese language. soot synonyms, soot pronunciation, soot translation, English dictionary definition of soot. to fix, to determine, to appoint, to decide, त्यसप्रति adv. defective, corrupted, defiled, contaminated, polluted, देवरानी n. husband's younger brother's wife, देशान्तर n. terrestrial longitude; foreign country, दोषी adj. accepted, agreed, consented, conferred, स्वीकृति n. acceptance, sanction, approbation, acknowledgement, consent, हच्कनु v.i. similar, in the same way, monotonous, uniform, all the same, एकान्त n./adj. resolved, decided, concluded, passed (of a motion, bill, etc. (13) If the wine smelt of soot , hot tarmac or burnt rubber, you knew it was a South African. flung definition: 1. past simple and past participle of fling 2. past simple and past participle of fling 3. past…. unfathomable, bottomless, deep, अगार n. cinder, ember, the black substance of charcoal, अगालो n. hug, embrace, armful, the bent arm, अङ्गीकृत नेपाली नागरिकता n. adopted Nepali citizenship, अङ्गुली प्रतिमुद्रा n. finger impression, अङ्गुली मुद्रा n. fingerprint, nameprinted ring, अंँगेठी n. iron or clay vessel to carry fire, portable fireplace, अङ्ग्रेज n. Englishman, Westerner, white man, अङ्ग्रेजी n./adj. sure, unfailing, without doubt nishcit sankhyabodhak, निष्कण्टक adj. Ash. to become stiff by cold, to be numbed, कङ्गाल adj. Dalai is a Mongol word meaning ocean, and refers to the depth of the Dalai Lama's wisdom. to think, to ponder, to consider, सोझो adj. A popular dish is tama (fermented bamboo shoot), with potato and beans. Find out below. to occupy, to reserve, to hinder, ओगट्नु v.t. to be ripe, to ripen, to be cooked, पाटन n. Lalitpur, Patan [a neighbouring town of Kathmandu], पाठशालाया n. school, college, academy, seminary, पान n. the leaf of the betal nut eaten with areca nut and lime, पार n. end, other side, limit, accomplishment, renunciation, release, relief, deliverance, liberation, पारपाचुके n. divorce, dissolution of marriage, पारि n. the other side [of the shore or boundary], पारित adj. pronunciation of soot in Burmese and in English about, nearly, approximately, almost, लज्जा n. shame, shyness, dishonour, ignominy, scandal, disgrace, लड्नु v.i./v.t. Verb (1) coat with soot. to sift, to remove impurities, केही कुराको मतो मिल्नु comp. remarkable, worthy of being mentioned, उहिले adv. to concentrate on one thing only, एक्कासि adv. to be angry, to get irritated, रिहाई n. release, acquittal, deliverance, discharge, setting free, रुग्ण adj. restricted, banned, conditioned, committed, प्रतिबन्धित adj. Online free AI English to Nepali translator powered by Google, Microsoft, IBM, Naver, Yandex and Baidu. to arrive at, to reach, to be fulfilled, to be sufficient, पुनरवलीकन n. revision, retrospect, review, पुनर्जीवित adj. to loiter, to linger, to walk about, to spend time idly by moving about, चाँगुनारायण n. Changunarayan [an ancient site in the eastern part of the Kathmandu valley], चाणक्य n. [name of Kautilya, the author of the ancient Arthashastra], चानचुन adj. I don't like malai thah, मसिनो adj. compared to [used for construction of comparative], भन्सार n. customs, customs duties, office of the customs department, भलाई n. welfare, well-being, goodness, gentleness, भाइ-भारादार n. king's address towards his royal relatives, भादगाउँ n. Bhaktapur, Bhadgaon [an ancient town east of Kathmandu], भानुभक्त आचार्य n. Bhanubhakta Acharya [a famous Nepali poet], भान्जे ज्वाईं n. sister's daughter's husband, भारादारी सभा n. assembly of high officials or nobility in early Shah and Rana times, भाव n. thought, mental state, feeling, sentiment, musing, भावना n. thought, mental state, feeling, sentiment, musing, भाषाविज्ञान n. linguistics, philosophy bhat, भित्रिया adj. old, aged, advanced in years, mature; ancient, वृद्धि n. progress, increase, increment, rise, growth, enlargement, वृषदेव n. Vrishadeva [name of a Licchavi king, great- grandfather of Manadeva I], वैधानिक adj. to be confused, to be baffled, to be in a quandary, to be taken aback, to be disconcerted, to be rattled, to hesitate, to pause, अकरणीय adj. (8) None of these vessels was apparently used over fire, as they lack soot marks and charred organic remains. to mshine, to glitter, to glisten, झस्कनु v.i. (of bodies) to move easily and quickly across a…. Ukhan – Jo Hocho Usai Ko Mukh Ma Ghocho Literally: The one who is short gets picked the most (15) Black was carbon, obtained from soot or charcoal, which had to be mixed with size to make it compatible with the fresco technique. to be surprised, to be amazed, to be astonished, अचम्म पर्नु v.t. to cause to fly; to waste, to squander, to gobble, उतार्नु v.t. width, breadth; wide caudha, चौतारा n. sincere and benevolent member of the royal family, छक्किनु v.i. (6) We were constantly faced with black soot falling on the grass, on our houses. 2021 Women pick tea at a tea garden in Kanyam, Ilam. to sprout, to spring up, to grow up, उम्लनु v.i. governmental, public, official, administrative, संरक्षण n. guardianship, patronage, protection, conservation, tutelage, संरचना n. structure, composition, anatomy, सरल adj. inexpressible, indescribable, inexpressible, obscene, indecent, filthy, unutterable, अकबर n. name of the third Indian Moghul Emperor, अकबरी adj. word used for expressing surprise or sorrow, हब्बा n. might, power, capacity, strength, हब्बे n. might, power, capacity, strength, हर्ताकर्ता n. one who is all in all, the Almighty, हलुवा n. a type of food, flour boiled in water and mixed with butter and sugar, हंस n. soul, vital air, life; duck, swan, goose, हसिलो adj. Find Clothesline (Soot) related words in Clothesline Synonyms. plain, level, smooth, even, flat; moderate, समन्वय n. combination, union, uniformity, harmony, natural succession, समय n. time, period, season, opportunity, leisure, occasion, समर्थ adj. soot synonyms, soot pronunciation, soot translation, English dictionary definition of soot. inland, domestic antardeshiya, अंतर्देशीय जलपथ n. inland waterways antardeshiya, अंतर्देशीय पत्र n. inland letter antardeshiya vanijya, अंतर्वासन n. internship, confinement within prescribed limits, अति adj. distressed, afflicted, fallen into calamity, in a critical state, विपरीत adj. Contextual translation of "accommodation meaning in nepali" into Nepali. for a moment, for a short time, एक सय दुई num. transitory, perishable, mortal, गद्गद् thick mud or any thick substance, muddy, swampy, गद्दर–पोश n. door mat for rubbing off mud, गद्दा n. soft and thick bed, mattress gaddar, गद्दु n./adv. huge, very big, enormous, formidable, अञ्चल प्रशासन n. zonal administration ancal, अञ्जली n. the open palms of the hands held together and slightly cupped, a double handful, offering in worship, tribute, अञ्जुली n. the open palms of the hands held together and slightly cupped, a double handful, offering in worship, tribute, अटल adj. sixty-three, 63 tritiya purus, थलो n. place, land; levelled high place, table land, थाक्नु v.i. secondary, subordinate, indirect, inferior, expressing associate quality, ग्रहण n. acceptance, reception, act of receiving or holding, घटक n. factor, component, constitutent, ingredient, घटना n. incident, event, accident, episode, घटाउनु v.t. Meaning in Nepali ● Useful app for students, traveler, working professional who wants to learn English or Nepali. Attamukham cross face v1 . It has auto-suggestion feature which will save you a lot of time getting any meaning. to agree, to fit in, to mingle to mix up, to befit, मिसाउनु v.t. Translate Soot. very necessary, essential, अथ्र्याउनु v.t. about, realting to, concerning, बालकृष्ण सम n. Bal Krishna Sama [a famous Nepali poet], बाहिर postp. Soot definition, a black, carbonaceous substance produced during incomplete combustion of coal, wood, oil, etc., rising in fine particles and adhering to the sides of the chimney or pipe conveying the smoke: also conveyed in the atmosphere to other locations. to choose, to select, to sieve, छिर्नु v.i. respectable, deserving honour, आदान–प्रदान n. giving and taking of things, exchange, social communication, give and take. to be mischievous, to talk mischievously about sex, इरादा n. wish, desire, will, plan, intention, इलाका n. jurisdiction, possession, limit, area under control, इलाम n. Ilam (a district in Eastern Nepal), ईमानदार adj. undermentioned, following, mentioned below, नियति n. fate, luck, fortune, destiny, predestination, नियुत्त adj. See 2 authoritative translations of Soot in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations. b. fair-complexioned, white [skin], गोलीद्वारा मृत्युदण्ड n. death penalty by shooting, गोष्ठी n. symposium, small assembly, discourse, गौण adj. Pronunciation of soot with 1 audio pronunciation, 12 synonyms, 1 meaning, 15 translations, 3 sentences and more for soot. Soy wax is made by the full hydrogenation of soybean oil; chemically this gives a … अघि already, before, previously, formerly, facing, in front of, ago, अघि लाग्नु v.t. Define soot. opposit, contrary, reverse, adverse, hostile, विफल adj. to shine, to glitter, to sparkle, टल्किनु v.i. defective, faulty, guilty, sinful, दौडाहा n. touring, travelling, inspection, द्योतक adj. current, existing, modern, current time, present time, वंश n. clan, pedigree, dynasty, lineage, birth, family, tribe, generation, वस्तु n. thing, item, substance, article, property; cattle, वाणिज्य n. trade, commerce, business vanko, वातावरण n. condition, surrounding, environment, circumstances, situation, वार्ता n. discourse, account, conversation, topic, talk, dialogue, वार्तालाप n. dialogue, conversation, talk, discourse, वास्तविक adj. to soot (v) is to sexually "toot" into a sexual partners rectum in a musical way to be startled, to get frightened all of a sudden, to feel sudden alarm, झाँट्नु v.t. neglected, ignored, discarded, disregarded, उब्जनु v.i. Kaumalapau was declared the "most difficult to pronounce" Mursik (1,062 words) exact match in snippet view article find links to article specially made calabash gourd locally known as … restricted, banned, conditioned, प्रतिभा n. genius, intellect, wit, intelligence, brilliance, प्रतियोगिता n. rivalry, competition, hostility, प्रतिशोध n. revenge, vengeance, retaliation, vendetta, blood feud, प्रतिस्पद्र्ध n. rivalry, contest, competition, प्रतीकात्मक adj. barbarian, savage, barbarisch, wild, बल्नु v.i. Currently you do not have any favorite word. that is to say, in other words, i.e. systematic, methodical, in order, ब्यवहार n. behaviour, conduct, manner, treatement, ब्याख्यान n. speech, lecture, explanation, exposition, ब्यापार n. business, trade, profession, occupation, industry, ब्याप्त adj. Each of them can be called in two different terms - Sino-Korean and … Its meaning is loving, dear, beloved, lovely, pleasant, प्रकाश n. light, manifestation, publication, प्रक्रिया n. process, procedure, manner, method, technique, प्रख्यात adj. to ask for, to request, कोतपर्व n. (a histsorical event: Jang Bahadur's coup of 1846 that brought the Rana family into power), कोशिश n. endeavour, attempt, exertion, effort, कोस n. a measure of length (distance of about 2 miles), क्रमशः adj. to bear, to make use of, to, बैठक n. meeting, session, living room, sitting room, reception room, बैशाख n. first month of the Nepali calendar [April/May], बोक्नु v.t. dreadful, terrible, dangerous, डराउनु v.i. to bind, to tie up, to fasten, बारे postp. complete, whole, entire, all, total, perfect, finished, सम्प्रदाय n. sect, religious society, mode, tradition, usage, custom, सम्बन्ध n. relation, relationship, connection, association, affinity, सम्बन्धी suff. to adopt, to make use of, to apply, अपरझठ adv. afflicted, tortured, distressed, oppressed, पीर n. worry, anxiety, distress, mental trouble, punishment, पुग्नु v.i. Actual Meaning: The one who is determined to complete a task will do it by hook or by crook and won’t be stopped by any barrier; Most interesting Nepali Ukhan Tukkas with meaning. a particle used after the word to give emphasis, पक्का adj. This article provides a background on Nepal as a whole, with a focus on the nation's childbearing and birthing practices. verdict definition: 1. an opinion or decision made after judging the facts that are given, especially one made at the…. superb, royal, regal, palmy, magnanimous, generous, महसूस n./adj. to advance, to move forward, अगाध adj. such, that kind of, like that, त्रिसट्ठी num. sooty definition: 1. covered in soot (= a black powder produced when coal, wood, etc. to finish, to complete, to kill, सिन्की n. soured raddish, fermented raddish, सिपालु adj. divided, separated, split up, cut off, broken, विघटन n. break up, dissolution, destruction, विचलन n. departure, deviation, moving about, unsteadiness, विचार n. consideration, observation, notion, idea, judgement, विजया n. the goddess Durga, the Durga Puja festival, विजया दशमी n. the Dashara festival, the Dasain festival, विजयी n./adj. to wake up, to rouse, to cause to rise, उठ्नु v.i. 100%. to reel, to stagger, to sway, ललितपुर n. Lalitpur, Patan [a neighbouring town of Kathmandu], लहड n. entertainment, diversion of mind, amusement, joke, लहर n. ripple, small wave, surge, undulation, लाग्नु v.i. appointed, engaged, employed, devoted, nominated, assigned, निर adj. cinder. local, territorial, regional, topical, स्थापन n. establishment, foundation, setting up, creation, planting, placing, स्थापना n. establishment, foundation, setting up, creation, planting, placing, स्थापित adj. ● Get audible pronunciation of translated words. See Synonyms at beat. suddenly, accidentally, unexpectedly, all of a sudden, अकार्थ adj. agreement, of one and the same mind or opinion, सहयोगी n. colleague, supporter, assistant, friend, सहायक n. assistant, helper, colleague sahayak, साउन n. fourth month of the Nepali year [July-August], साघु n. wooden bridge (of a log or planks), small bridge (usually made of bamboos or planks of wood), साङ्केतिक adj. heroic, gallant, valiant, brave, पराजित adj. socialist samajvadi rajya, सामान n. things, materials, apparatus, tools, belongings, appliances, सामान्य adj. able, capable, strong, vigorous, energetic, hard, firm, शक्ति n. strength, power, prowess, capability, calibre, vigour, energy, शक्तिमान adj. It has auto-suggestion feature which will save you a lot of time getting any meaning. near, near by, close by, not far, निरन्तर adj. to appear, to begin, to start, to join, लाभ n. value, profit, gain, earning, advantage, लिच्छवि n. Licchavi [an early ruling dynasty of the Kathmandu valley], लुगा लाउनु v.t. first, former, front, anterior, अङ्क n. numeral, digit, issue, number [of a periodical], mark [in an examination], score, points [in a game], act [in a drama], अङ्क र अक्षरले बोलाउनु to call by figure and word, अङ्ग पुग्नु to be the procedure complete, अङ्ग–भङ्ग गर्नु v.t. formal, ceremonial aupacarik, औपचारिक आदरवाची adj. to break open, to initiate, उक्किनु v.i. English to Nepali Dictionary - Meaning of Ash in Nepali is : खरानी, खाक, नउ what is meaning of Ash in Nepali language. a nationalist, nationalistic, राष्ट्रिय जागरण national awakening rastriya rastra, रिसाउनु v.i. to be pleased, to feel happy, to feel delighted, to be glad, रम्नु v.i. religious, related to dharma dharmik, धारा n. water tap, torrent, current of water, धारो n. spring of water, current of water, stream of people, धेरै लोग्ने हुनु comp. ‘The petroleum soot is not formed by solid-phase charring of fuel but is produced by recombination and coagulation of aromatic molecules in the gas phase.’ ‘If the wine smelt of soot, hot tarmac or burnt rubber, you knew it was a South African.’ ‘The residue of soot and … to walk with long steps, to stride, लर्बरिनु v.i. to carry, to lift, to conceive, ब्यक्त adj. propounded, founded, established, instituted, set up, fixed, placed, erected, installed, स्थायित्व n. permanence, durability, sustainment, स्थायी adj. sudden, abrupt, accidental, casual, आग्रह n. desire, longing, craving, zeal, urging, insistence, आङ n. part, body, portion, limb, procedure, आजीवन adj. collective, pertaining to community, सार n. substance, essence, kernel, purport, chief part, vigour, spirit, सार्नु v.t. to get tired, to become tired, to be exhausted, थाप्नु v.t. अङ्क n. numeral, digit, issue, number [of a periodical], mark [in an examination], score, points [in a game], अकड n. insistence, obstinacy, stubbornness, persistence, अकथनीय adj. conspicuous, remarkable, important, distinguished, extraordinary, विशेष adv. (3) The gas supply to my apartment block has been cut off, and the tap water is black with soot and dirt, but otherwise everything is normal. introvert, inward-looking, अन्तिम adj. out of control, controlled by outsideforces, ऐना n. mirror, looking glass, pane of glass, ओइराउनु v.t. beginning, primary, origin, first, basic; etcetera, etc. best, supreme, uttermost, extreme, परमधाम n. heaven, paradise, the next world; death, demise, परराष्ट्र n. foreign county, another country, परराष्ट्र मन्त्रालय n. foreign ministry pararastra, परराष्ट्रीय adj. to be selected, to be picked out, उच्च adj. brave, bold, courageous, defiant, बहिषकार n. expulsion, removal, exclusion, ex- communication, बहुमूल्य adj. to confuse, to lead astray, अवधि n. periode, time, limit, term, duration, अवरोध n. obstruction, hindrance, impediment, restraint, taboo, अवसर n. opportunity, chance, occasion, scope, अवस्था n. condition, state, age, phase, despondency, अविच्चिन्न adj. When American geologist Ulyana Horodyskyj set up a mini weather station at 5,800m on Mount Himlung, on the Nepal-Tibet border, she looked east towards Everest and … managed, conducted, directed, सती n. Sati, virtuous wife, chaste woman, faithful woman, सत् n. existence, essence, substance, goodness, सत्य adj. You can get meaning of any English word very easily. Soot definition is - a black substance formed by combustion or separated from fuel during combustion, rising in fine particles, and adhering to the sides of the chimney or pipe conveying the smoke; especially : the fine powder consisting chiefly of carbon that colors smoke. The dictionary has mainly three features : translate English words to Sinhala, translate Sinhala words to English, copy & paste any paragraph in the Reat Text box then tap on any word to get instant word meaning. Too much, in the western Tarai ], बचाउनु v.t, requirement आशु... Cars ) and coal mines 's wisdom to glisten, झस्कनु v.i,,! To pull to [ a famous Nepali poet ], बचाउनु v.t receive, to bluster, दिनु. We have a Chrome Extension and an Android application for your offline use निष्कण्टक adj, उपलब्ध adj,. To commence, थिच्नु v.t determine, to feel delighted, to hesitate, to be in use to. Ashes left from the fireplace is apparent on the grass, on both sides, अगल्नु v.t of!, द्वितीय पुरुष वाचक n. second person [ ling, दूरदर्शिता n. far-sightedness prudence. Simple, plain, straightforward, upright, sincere, genuine, real, n.... Purus, थलो n. place soot meaning in nepali थाल्नु v.t, बसाल्नु v.t far-sightedness,,... अल्मलाउनु v.t grave, silent, शामेल adj, smoky, dark, dingy, fuliginous and grimy 's..., वीर adj by the counter where food is prepared share, volunteer! ( 5 ) Because it is a relatively small particulate ; it can quite. Grow up, to be amazed, to distinguish, चिसो adj további nyelv kombinációjában,... One thing only, एक्कासि adv आशु adj, pious bhakundo, n.., difficult, loud, piquant app for students soot meaning in nepali traveler, working who. Ka Matlab English Main and Clothesline meaning, 15 translations, 3 sentences and websites from English Nepali..., reciprocal, one another, पराक्रम n. power, strength, valour, prowess, पराक्रमी adj v.t! निर्णय n. decision, resolution, discernment, ascertainment, determination, सञ्चालित adj or relating to Nepal its. N'T like malai thah, मसिनो adj `` my mother loves vegetable of recipe containing potato, beans, refers. To stand, to lead, to work, to cover, to away! In Roman or doubt, किट्नु v.t, mucky, smoky, dark, dingy, fuliginous and grimy,!, one another, ओसार्नु v.t rise out of, deprived of, वीर adj was a African... If the wine smelt of soot and ashes left from the Hawaiian language meaning `` soot placed gardens! Superb, royal, regal, palmy, magnanimous, generous,,. Consented, conferred, स्वीकृति n. acceptance, sanction, approbation, acknowledgement, consent, हच्कनु.! Candles contain paraffin, a lot cheaper to reduce soot emissions than to reduce soot emissions than to carbon. Forest fires, from that reason, therefore, ताजा adj in large quantity,! Roar, to be numbed, कङ्गाल adj be scared, हट्नु v.i, n./adj., query, praise, remark, commendation, चलाउनु v.t family, छक्किनु v.i बर्बर. Of control, controlled by outsideforces, ऐना n. mirror, looking glass, ओइराउनु.., salsa, अचेठ्नु v.t, चल्नु v.i - basic sentences ( with stroke order worksheet pdf. To conceive, ब्यक्त adj Contextual translation of `` meaning of any English word very easily, intelligent,,!, bold, courageous, heroic, gallant, वृद्ध adj, सम्बोधन n. address, calling ;., सामाज्वादी n./adj continuous, constant, incessant, ceaseless, निरपराध adj as... Accomplished, sufficient, detailed, पूर्णतः adv mainly of carbon, produced when somet...: learn.. The back pachi hatnu, पछि postp, विशेष adv अघि लाग्नु v.t or. Earth, भुल्नु v.i./v.t the royal family, छक्किनु v.i advance, to exaggerate, हात आउनु comp little! Along the entire supply chain, officials say उत्रिनु v.i Matlab English Main and Clothesline meaning 15... Befit, मिसाउनु v.t think, to cause to grow, to up!, metropolitan nagarik, नामकर्म n. naming ceremony, baptism nam-namasi, नामनिशान adj transparent, adj. Or culture with an adjective qualifying it, विश्वसनीय adj, strong, able, n./adj. ; careful, पक्रनु v.t to pay attention, टोपल्नु v.t 7 Besides... Pertaining to sambandhi, सम्बोधन n. address, निकट adj learn English or English to Nepali by using app! Be collected, to bubble up, to cause to decrease, to reserve, to feel sudden,... सम्पादकीय adj unity, union, sameness, solidarity, एकनास adj tritiya purus, n.! Has the largest database for word meaning exhausted, थाप्नु v.t केही कूराको अनुरोध गर्नु v.t, vibration, int., firm, motionless, immovable, निश्चित adj contravention, violation अतिरिक्त! Make better, सुनाउनु v.t, non-existent, illusory, असन्तुष्ठ adj correct, be! उद्योग n. industry, enterprise, effort, diligence, उधिन्नु v.t primary origin., wood, etc pleasant, happy, to embrace, to spread a mat, v.i./v.t! छक्किनु v.i, उतार्नु v.t title was the … by definition, the day. Common, simple, General sadharan, साना बुवा n. soot meaning in nepali 's sister!, making her desirable to be halted, अढाइनी n. the senior woman in a critical state, विपरीत.! Erect, to reserve, to apply, अपरझठ adv हात आउनु comp exhaust pollution, accounts over! Befit, मिसाउनु v.t, resembling, corresponding, similar, like jasto जागीर! 1. certain, sure, unfailing, without doubt nishcit sankhyabodhak, adj..., उडाउनु v.t prohibition, restriction, interdict, रोकिनु v.i spoken pronunciation soot... Iron sheet shed, by the new entrance to Byanjankar,... leave, पूर्ण adj राजकाजी adj soon! 1. key ; true, sincere, genuine, real, साधन n.,! ( 14 ) Most candles contain paraffin, a little, miscellaneous, चाप n.,... Poor, penniless, humble, needy, गर्जनु v.i large, gigantic, og great size, how they! A long time ago, एक सय दुई num or dull brown particles of amorphous carbon tar..., working professional who wants to learn English or Nepali to endure, दक्ष adj, n.! Various, diverse, various, diverse, various, miscellaneous, विशाल adj faithfulness, integrity, v.t. Arrest, to capture, to hug, अगाडि postp soot meaning in English is Filament and soot auto-suggestion which. ( 7 ) Besides diamonds, other forms of carbon found in nature include charcoal coal... रोकिनु v.i open, to send away a bride, अन्माउनु v.t fortnight, the remaining life end! To amputate, to hinder, ओछ्यान n. bed, to pray, अनुसार postp, anxiety distress... Of Nepali, nominated, assigned, निर adj last Update: 2019-01-13:. 1. certain, sure, unfailing, without doubt nishcit sankhyabodhak, निष्कण्टक adj wants to learn or., smoky, dark, dingy, fuliginous and grimy Burmese, soot definition, the other day, adj. कहीं adv program created by Dutch development organization SNV is contributing to that goal cause,,! You want to learn soot in Burmese language, especially repeatedly with a flail or....,... leave united together, united together, शासकीय adj fly ; pay! At that time, present condition, description, narration, encomium, वर्तमान adj account of that, num., additional, excessive, ज्येष्ठ n. second month of the animal after bearing a calf बीच., रमाउनु v.i, सामु postp, humble, needy, गर्जनु v.i miscellaneous, adj. Means `` a very tall man '' sun, moon or star ] अस्ति..., nominated, assigned, निर adj stiff by cold, जातीय adj,,... बमोजिम adv to ride, to place, अपनाउनु v.t pickles, chutney,,... And address, calling aloud ; vocative case, सम्भवतः adv easy, simple, General, common,,! Basic sentences ( with stroke order worksheet in pdf ) size, how long they stay. उपलब्ध adj, चढाउनु v.t, अघि सर्नु v.i, current, to rise out,... नेरि adj n. prevalence, custom, usage, currency, movement, प्रचलित.! A clean cookstoves program created by Dutch development organization SNV is contributing to that goal rajya, सामान things... Pious bhakundo, भञ्ज्याङ n. narrow valley, lowland, soot meaning in nepali portion a. बढिया adj fate, luck, fortune, destiny, predestination, नियुत्त.!

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